Quote of the day—Chris Hayes

Prediction: the president will approach gun safety legislation the same way he has approached DACA. He will lie about what his own position is and attempt to blame others for nothing getting done.

Chris Hayes
Tweeted on February 21, 2018
[H/T to streiff who wrote President Trump’s Gun Control Ideas are so Bad I Don’t Think He Even Believes Them.

I’ve been thinking something similar although I wouldn’t have put it in those words.

I assume President Trump knows we are in a (Fifth Generation) war. If you are in a state of war and you don’t use deception as one of your weapons you aren’t fighting to win. Telling the ATF to make up some regulation to ban bump stocks could get the anti-gun people to quiet down for a while or encourage them to overreach. See, for example, what Sebastian and his commenters are saying. The ATF may come back in a month or two with the same thing they did earlier, paraphrasing, “Banning bump stocks requires legislation, we cannot create such a rule within the confines of existing law.” With just a few weeks the anti-gun people will run out of steam and we can resume our drive for concealed carry across all state lines, taking suppressors off of the NFA list, and even other things like being able to purchase guns in other states and getting rid of the stupid “sporting purpose” requirements.

If things don’t cool off enough and we do get regulation and even legislation banning bump stocks it isn’t that big of sacrifice if we avoid legislation on “assault weapons” and “high capacity feeding devices”. And if it does go the route of a regulation change that should be a lot easier to defeat in the courts if someone has a real interest in taking it to court. I expect any ban on bump stocks will result in grandfathering existing stock. And since they don’t have serial numbers on them they can’t easily be registered. And 3-D printers mean that you as long as you keep your mouth shut you can make one at anytime in the future and it will be essentially impossible for anyone to prove you didn’t own it prior to the ban.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Chris Hayes

    • He’s part of the machine. He’s the antithesis to the thesis, or the thesis to the antithesis, depending on one’s point of view. He’s the “good cop” or he’s the “bad cop” depending on one’s point of view. The “right” verses “left” dichotomy is false; we’ll end up with the synthesis, or in the jail cell, either way.

      Boiling the proverbial frog in the pot requires the Republican Party to manage the temperature setting, thus making it possible to kill the frog (the frog being the perfect law of liberty, our ostensible American Founding Principles, or true liberalism). We stupidly cheer for the temperature regulators! thus playing an active role in ensuring our demise.

      Once you’re able to cast off that false dichotomy, and I mean entirely, even as compelling a Siren Song as it may be, you’re on the path toward the truth. As for myself, I’m still working on it (those sirens! Their music is so…)

  1. The war against an armed citizenry is only a small part of the war that’s been raging since the dawn of Man. The powers that should not be, which are currently fighting against American principles, the West, and against Judeo/Christian civilization in general, are, in essence, ancient Rome (some would say Babylon – same difference). The power of the Middle Ages (the Dark Ages) is alive and well and in full operation. It is in all levels of government, entertainment, education, everywhere. It is operating within your own family and in mine. We were raised on it, nurtured by it, and inculcated into it.

    Escaping it is nearly impossible, being that all “escape routes” have been set up for us, and they all keep us inside the same system. You reject the thesis and you’re promoting the antithesis. You reject the antithesis and you’re with the thesis.

    It’s something akin to two football teams slugging it out on the field. The players are very much dedicated to “winning”, yet their teams are owned by members of the same league, that field they’re fighting on is owned by that league (subsidized by local and state governments), the league profits no matter who wins or loses, and no one can own a team without approval from the league.

    Win or lose, no matter the team you’re on, you’re still working for the league.

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