Quote of the day—Firearms Policy @gunpolicy

The anti-gun media has decided that it is more important to push their agenda than to tell the truth.


Firearms Policy @gunpolicy
Tweeted on January 29, 2018
[The graph is a little difficult to understand so here is a bit of help. The shaded background colors are the CCW population coverage (units are on the right side of the graph), the maroon line with the 49% reduction label is the Violent Crime rate (presumably in per 100K people) with the units on the left side of the graph. The other crime types follow in a similar format.

We have the principles, the U.S. Constitution, many state constitutions, and the data. All of them supporting the pro-rights side. The anti-gun media, cannot innocently claim ignorance or even stupidity. It has to be maliciousness. You have to ask, “What’s the real reason they continue to push their anti-gun agenda? They are pro-criminal, probably always have been and always will be and for a “good” reason.—Joe]


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  1. See The Gulag Archipelago for the common interests of the totalitarian state and the criminal class.

    • This is why I linked (the very last link in the post) to a different post where I discussed this. 🙂

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