Quote of the day—Marjorie Decker

It is a privilege that we allow individuals to hold onto something that causes harm and death. It is a privilege to have a car license, it is a privilege to have a gun license.

Marjorie Decker
Massachusetts state representative (Democrat)
November 16, 2017
‘Privilege’ comment riles gun rights supporters
[So holding onto a kitchen knife or baseball bat is a privilege? How about a pitchfork or a torch? Or how about a bucket of hot tar, a bag of feathers, and a fence rail? Does the state of Massachusetts issues licenses for these?

Also of interest, “Are there hunting licenses and bag limits for politicians who have crap for brains and vote for laws infringing upon the specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms?” I’m asking for friends who live in Massachusetts.—Joe]


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  1. We had two MA police officers stop by the gun store when they were training in PA. One was in hog heaven, the other was tagging along.

    The gun guy wanted to look at a Wilson Combat 1911. The tag along told him his Firearms ID card would not be valid in PA. Tag along was surprised when I hand the pistol over and said Welcome to Free America.

    • It is amazing how ignorant people can be about laws and customs outside their own area, be that country, or even state/county. Even when they are charged (one would think) with knowing about things like laws if they are cops.

      But then, it would not occur to me that that you would NOT be able to inspect a firearm for sale at a gun store w/o a FOID of some sort.

      Remind me to never go to MASS.

      • Add NJ to your list of states to avoid, as they do the same thing as MA does.
        I knew I couldn’t take the pistol with me, but they weren’t even allowed to remove it from the display case without a FOID card in hand. They didn’t get the sale.

    • He could look at it as much as he wanted, but he couldn’t buy it, not right there, to take possession of it. It’s a handgun, so after the purchase it would have to be shipped thru a FFL to his home state FFL. Were it a rifle or shotgun he coulda handed over the $ and taken it home if both PA AND MA allowed it, but not a handgun. Yay GCA 1968, huh, another law only followed by the law-abiding.

      • Correct but he just wanted to fondle it and dream.
        We allow that too in Free America, I believe it’s called the Pursuit of Happiness.

  2. I once tried to open a business account at a bank in WA State. They said they needed to see my “business license”. I said I’d been in business in Idaho for decades and never heard of such a thing as a “business license”. They were incredulous. So was I. I opened an account at another bank across the border in Idaho.

    But you leftist pukes can’t understand such a thing as “brain drain”, or you do understand it because it’s your goal. Either way you’re enemies of Mankind.

    How long must we tolerate the insult, the injustice, the travesty, the crime, of having these Progressive-authoritarian scum, the weak and helpless who believe themselves superior, presume to lord over us Americans, cheating us out of our birthright and eating out our substance?

    The leftists, the coercives (which is to say Democrats and Republicans), presume an authority they simply do not have. They are the definition of hubris.

    I suppose we’ll tolerate it as long as we tolerate it (which is to promote it), after which we’ll put a stop to it.

  3. Ms. Decker needs to remember that she serves at the behest of the citizens of her state – she is not in a position to mete out “privileges”; she is not royalty.

    • Exactly, that she is permitted to serve and receive money to do so is a privilege, not something mentioned in the Constitution, so that’s not a right either.
      This is just the non-sexual belief in privilege our elected servants demonstrate by their actions. That she hasn’t assaulted someone, molested someone, raped someone or wagged her non-existent male member at someone, she shouldn’t believe that there is nothing wrong she can do, that everything she’s doing and every law she votes to enact is Constitutionally “OK”– or even morally “OK”, but we see every day they all think that.

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