Quote of the day—David Frum

It’s out of bounds to observe that “Chicago” is shorthand for “we only have gun crime because of black people” or how often “I want to protect my family” is code for “I need to prove to my girlfriend who’s really boss.”

David Frum
October 6, 2017
The Rules of the Gun Debate–The rules for discussing firearms in the United States obscure the obvious solutions.
[I wouldn’t say it’s “out of bounds”. I would say it’s stupid to say things that are obviously and easily provably to be false.

I have to wonder if Frum’s straw man arguments are the result of raw talent or if it took years of training.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—David Frum

  1. The straw man in the Wizard of Oz is the only one of his kind to stand up to hard questions. He even got torn apart by flying monkeys and when put back together was more determined than ever to fulfill his mission.

    Read something like Frum, and the straw men fall apart as soon as they appear.

  2. Frum is actually correct that we only have a black gun crime problem. Remove black crime from the US crime statistics, and we are the safest western country in the world.

    The thing is, Frum isn’t so pro-Science! that he wants to look at the statistics when they don’t support his pet theories.

    • While what you say is true, if you read the statement in the full context of his article you realize he is claiming that “Chicago” is a racist claim and therefore it must be false.

      • Right — I think we are on the same page but talking past each other.

        Frum alludes to white racism to avoid talking about the REAL race problem with gun violence in America. America has a problem with young black men shooting people. This is a racist problem, because the burden of this violence falls almost entirely upon black people.

        It’s the reason that I eventually came around to support Stop and Frisk in NYC. I supported it because in practice, it was a racist program that targeted young black males. That told me that it had a chance of actually working and it did work. It greatly reduced gun violence in NYC (and now that it is gone, gun violence is skyrocketing back up to where it was.)

        A program to address gun violence that doesn’t target the black community has no more of a chance of working than an anti-racism program in Trenton NJ in the 1950s had of addressing the KKK. The KKK problem was in the Southern White community, and the gun violence problem is in the young black male community

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