Quote of the day—Helen Thomas

If a person buys guns legally it doesn’t matter how many they have. If the police come to my house to see how many guns I have and I ask what organizations I belong to I’m telling them to go to hell.

Helen Thomas
October 10, 2017
Comment to Tucker vs. Lawyer on Gun Purchases: ‘How Many Should Trigger a Police Visit?’
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Helen Thomas

  1. The fact that the coercives have never given up on disarming the American people should be of great comfort. It means that, with all their worldly power and might, which is greater than Mankind has ever seen, they still see us as a deterrent.

  2. Trigger a police visit… and what exactly is that supposed to do? The police paid the Santa Barbara shooter a visit right before he went on a shooting spree. Amazingly, he wasn’t smearing the word “kill” in poop all over the walls, so they let him carry on.

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