Serious long range record

A new long range record has been set by an American.

Using a .408 Tejas ( modified .408 Chey Tac), he nailed a 40″ (1.016 meter) target at 5000 yards (4572 meters), for about .8 MOA.

h/t to Paul K


3 thoughts on “Serious long range record

  1. I’ve commented on this “record” on another blog. It took them 37 shots to hit the target, and the hit was not repeated. Setting aside that long distance “records” have no sort of governing body or rules, it seems that making one shot out of three dozen at that distance includes a huge dollop of luck.

    • Another thing (well, maybe sort of related) that bugs me about this is the size of the target. What does a 40″ diameter target represent? Usually we hear of new record long range sniper shots. A 40″ target doesn’t qualify as simulating a sniper target. And if we are talking anti-material targets what sort of velocity does the bullet have at this range to have a material effect?

      If the target doesn’t represent “something worth shooting at” then why not shoot at a target that is 40 feet square and claim a new record at 5500 or 6000 yards?

  2. Exactly. Bonneville rules should apply here. After making your long distance hit, you should have to back it up with another hit within some time frame or number of additional shots or both, otherwise you just got lucky once. Also the target should be a steel human silhouette or something very similar.

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