Quote of the day—JPFO Bill of Rights Sentinel

It’s now got a name: Trump Sleep, the opposite of what President Trump’s election has done to former political liberals: Trump Psychosis. The left is literally sawing holes in reality, inventing collusions where they don’t exist, setting things on fire, displaying an inability to let go of past events…too many are literally losing their grip on reality, and acting out.

On the right we are seeing almost the opposite. Instead of forging ahead with all deliberate speed, and accomplishing what’s possible, with such a tantalizing array of low-hanging fruit, former conservatives are withstanding outrageous assaults and refusing to fight back, file charges, sue, damn the torpedoes, forge ahead and enact legislation. It’s a deadly combination for survival of the nation, let alone preservation of firearms ownership.

JPFO Bill of Rights Sentinel
Vol 1, No 9, page 2
July 2017
Trump Psychosis vs. Trump Sleep Now is NOT the Time for Gunowners to RELAX!
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. I don’t think the post was about Congress, but the title seems to fit. In particular, the Senate seems to insist on doing nothing, because they’ve been so used to doing nothing for decades that they can’t conceive of actually spending their time doing real work.

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