Quote of the day—Terry L.

Volunteers are person that are handling, using the explosives in helping you but you do not pay them. It is still your responsibility to make sure you are not using someone who is a prohibitive person. so to answer your question, if you do not pay them, they are not to be listed as possessors.

Terry L.
Legal Instruments Examiner
Via email, August 21, 2017
[What this means is that my unpaid staff at Boomershoot does not need to go through the hassle of filling out ATF paperwork.

I’m not sure who this change in understanding helps the most.

I saw some part of the paperwork, yes, literally paper, on their side each time I added a person to help with the Boomershoot reactive targets and that person and/or I doesn’t keep up their paperwork in a timely manner.

This changes some things beyond the obvious.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Terry L.

  1. Does this also mean that clinic shooters can then place their own targets on Friday and Saturday without you having to bring staff down to help?

    • I suspect English is his native language but I don’t know for certain. What you are picking up on is probably just an artifact of a quick email fired off without sufficient proofreading.

    • I think this quote is in a common dialect (virtually a creole by now) in America called “Lawyer”.
      This example isn’t as bad as you might think, and I have seen many other examples that could not be diagrammed and for which the term word salad would be too kind.

      • It certainly doesn’t look like anything from any lawyer I know — they are uniformly very competent in correct English. They also use specific technical terms and phrases (I learned a new meaning of “plurality” from reading patents).
        In this particular case, we seem to be dealing with a semi-literate person who probably would have trouble getting a job outside of the government.

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