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Gun control has always been a weapon of the elite ruling classes to keep the masses in a state of subjugation. When all you have is the vote, you don’t really have much. Elites can manipulate the masses into voting the way elites want them to vote, or can outright manipulate the system (see Venezuela). An armed population will always have an actual say in how things are run.

August 8, 2017
You Don’t Say: Gun Control Disarms Poor
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sebastian

  1. Venezuela’s recent “elections” are a classic example of the old political machine saying “I don’t care who does the voting so long as I do the nominating”. It wasn’t said all that often or clearly, but one major issue with that scam election is that all the candidates were Maduro cronies.
    On “gun control disarms the poor”, that’s often the explicit goal. A blatant example is the ban of “saturday night specials” (a term that means: inexpensive guns owned by blacks).

  2. Yeah; to a Progressive, democracy is just a path to total control, the same way that “capitalism” is a step in the progression toward communism.

    The left doesn’t trust you educate your own children, they don’t trust you to own a gun, run a business or deal with employee relations, purchase or provide medical services, and on and on and on and on. If there’s one universal trait of all leftists, it is that they don’t trust (or they have contempt for) the choices of the individual, and so why on Earth would they trust you to vote the “right way”?

    As for the Republicans; they hate, hate, hate the fact that they have to lower themselves to seek votes from such pathetic, idiotic scum as us. That means they’re leftists also, though some of them don’t know it yet.

    The authoritarian (criminal) class may sense that they’re losing the battle for hearts and minds. Maybe that’s why they want war. If they can’t beat us in the regular, political propaganda sense, they can certainly kill off a shitload of us, while rearranging the cards a bit, by starting a war with some other country or countries.

    And anyway, no system of progressive enslavement via subterfuge can be completed until the gloves and the masks come off for the final takeover. By then of course they have you in their windowless van, handcuffed and gaged.

    • There’s a reason why some refer to the two major parties as “Socialist party A and Socialist party B”.

      There are a few more examples of “don’t trust…” that drive home this point. “Don’t trust you to decide who to sleep with” or “don’t trust you to decide what solids, liquids, or vapors to ingest”.

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