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All the shocked media coverage of the latest acid attacks in London carefully tiptoe around the obvious issue. Acid attacks tend to involve immigrants or the children of immigrants. They’re a horrifying tactic that has been imported to the UK.

Acid attacks are one of those enriching benefits of diversity.

Instead of dealing with the obvious, the proposals push for “Drain cleaner control”. As if you can seriously prevent people from getting their hands on chemicals that don’t go well with the human face. After the triumphs of gun control and knife control, now it’s onward to drain cleaner control.

Acid attacks in London have climbed from 162 in 2012 to 454 last year.

We could talk about immigration. Or we can try to ban drain cleaner.

Daniel Greenfield
July 14, 2017
“Diversity” is Why London has Acid Attacks
[I expected that after gun and knife control they would started demanding either rock or stick control.

I was wrong, but it could still happen. Give them a few years. Intelligence has its limits but stupidity does not appear to have an upper bound.—Joe]


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  1. “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” – Albert Einstein

  2. I would say that stupidity has no LOWER bound; I consider stupidity to be the negative of intelligence. Your mileage may vary.

    Isaac Asimov once wrote that there is no cause so insane, so ridiculous, that you will not find people willing to die for it. Similarly, I don’t think it’s possible to find an extreme limit to human stupidity. We’re there a World’s Stupidest Person, or, better yet, a World’s Stupidest Act, you know that someone, somewhere, will respond “Oh, yeah?!? Well, just watch THIS!!” (They may or may not add “Here, hold my beer”…)

    • I thought about stupidity having a lower bound. But zero intelligence (as in dead) appeared to be a hard limit. Very intelligent people can be very creative in their incredibly stupid actions so I opted for stupidity being orthogonal to intelligence rather than it’s negative.

      But I only spent a few seconds thinking about it and I’m willing to entertain alternate solutions to the problem.

      • Then again, think of stupidity of the reciprocal of intelligence. Then zero intelligence translates to infinite stupidity. 🙂
        It’s all a matter of picking the correct f(x)…

  3. I’m finding it more and more difficult to feel sorry for the victims.

    We’ll get whatever we’re willing to tolerate.

  4. So I thought, “Wow. That is really horrible. 454 in one year. Is vitriolage even a thing in the US?” Okay, I didn’t think ‘vitriolage’. I found that on Wikipedia. It’s rare enough that the wiki doesn’t have a subsection for the US. One such attack would be news. 454 would be cause for general panic.
    From the same wiki page re incidents in the UK:
    “Three quarters of police investigations do not end in prosecution, either because the attacker could not be found, or because the victim is unwilling to press charges.”
    “Police in the United Kingdom have noted that many victims are afraid to come forward to report attacks, meaning the true scale of the problem may be unknown.”

    And a search did yield some results for the US. Dating back to 2010. The motivation for those attacks appears to be genuinely unknown. Not “we may never know why”.

    • The question to ask is: why are victims unwilling to press charges? I suspect the answer, in many cases, is the fact that the victims have been disarmed. That answer certainly makes sense for England; it also makes sense for leftie crime-ridden cities like Boston or Chicago.

  5. Horrific and intolerable in a civilized society.

    The first thing that the (former) Great Britain should do is rescind all firearms and self defense laws and let their citizens openly carry and defend themselves. That ship has sailed because I doubt we could find sufficient moral fiber and a stiff upper lip to carry that out. So, I will only give them a tiny amount of caring as they are mauled by those imported barbarians from the Middle East/Asia Minor and their evil “religion of peace”.

    • “Horrific and intolerable in a civilized society.”

      I agree. Yet they tolerate it daily (on average) because PC dictates they cannot talk about it honestly.
      Ergo, Britain is no longer a civilized society. Sad, but all empires fade. Never thought I’d live to watch one self-immolate like this.

  6. Great Britain hasn’t been a “Civilized Society” for 20 years.The Koran will be the State Religion in 10 years, and the Law of the Land in 15.

    • I was being too kind. They let terrorists behead a soldier on the street and the best response they can provide is to record it.

      To be blunt, I am not sure if there are more than just a couple of pairs of testicles in the entire island.

      So, in 15 years, we had better be ready to neutralize their nuclear arsenal when the muslims are about to seize control of them or pay the stiff price. Same for France.

  7. “I expected that after gun and knife control they would started demanding either rock or stick control.”

    Expected? As in, past tense? hell it’s already happened!

    I recall some years ago reading an account of some average bloke being accosted and almost arrested for possessing an ‘offensive weapon’ just because he was so excited about the beginning of the cricket season, he carried a cricket ball with him on the (bus? train?) to work!

    My google-fu is failing me right now, but I’m positive the article is still out there somewhere in the intar-web-toobs.

    • True – people have been prosecuted because they kept a baseball bat handy for self defense in their own homes, and I recall seeing an advertisement for a footstool or small end table that had legs that were easily detachable for club-like use in case of emergency.

      Regarding the acid-throwing. Someone needs to revise the Tueller drill to account for such an attack. Tango is running at you with an open container; how far away does he have to be to deploy the acid, and how soon do you need to start shooting to stop him?

  8. Remove kebab. Banning anything else is just a game of whack-a-mole — another mole will always pop up.

  9. Re rational people and self-inflicted: I believe a big factor is the submissive culture of Europe. In Europe, you’re a “subject”; you have only the rights that the all-powerful government deigns to grant you for the moment. There is no constitution; there is no limit on the powers of government. Democracy is a veneer over the millennium-long tradition of the absolute king.
    Given such a foundation, it is not so surprising that the people would submit to being disarmed; they never thought of the notion of having the right to control their own lives and thus to defend them in the first place.
    At least not in a very long time; I do remember that in the early middle ages part of the ceremony of manumission was for the former master to give the former slave a shield and spear, because free men are armed. But that was long ago and I’m not sure it was done in England.

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