Quote of the day—John Feinblatt

The gun lobby loves to talk about freedom, but then they shamefully traffic in fear and violence in order to advance their dangerous ‘more guns for anyone, anywhere’ political agenda.

John Feinblatt
President of Everytown
July 3, 2017
A gun-control group’s cheery response to the NRA’s ‘dystopian’ recruitment ad
[We traffic in violence? No. Feinblatt is just demonstrating rules #1 and #3 in SJWs Always Lie. They lie and they project. It’s what they do. It’s in their culture.

There are well over 300 million firearms in the hands of private citizens in this country. And we consume well over 12 billion rounds of ammunition each year. If we actually were violent, Feinblatt would have plenty of evidence for it rather than just false accusations.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—John Feinblatt

  1. what in the heck is “everytown,” over which this clown presides? anyone have the slightest notion?

    • One of the many divisions of Bloomberg. A victim disarmament astroturf shop.

  2. What’s Shannon Watts doing these days? Back to shilling for Monsanto?

  3. “…they shamefully traffic in fear and violence…”
    Huh? So opposition to the left (authoritarians), who traffic in nothing but fear and the threat of violence and practice coercion as a way of life, is in itself trafficking in fear and violence? Projection, much?

    “…in order to advance their dangerous ‘more guns for anyone, anywhere’ political agenda.”
    Here we see the term “political agenda” being used as an epithet…by someone with a coercive (as opposed to libertarian) political agenda. “More guns for everyone, everywhere”? Well no, not exactly. Maybe Mr. Fienblatt needs to be educated on the meaning of a human right. One may have the right to do something, like own a gun, but choose not to do it. That’s called “liberty”. Also I don’t know of one single advocate of the right to bear arms who wishes to allow prison inmates to be armed, so “anyone, everywhere” is simply ridiculous.

    See; there are two sides to politics. Two political agendas. One wants political power as a tool of mass coercion (or as Obama put it in a limited sense; Redistributive Change [wholesale larceny]). The other wants liberty, with government’s role limited to the protection of well defined and unalienable human rights (“…that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among Men”).

    Liberty requires hard limits on the power and reach of the political class. It means, “Hands off!” when it comes to people’s unalienable rights. It means, what the individual does is outside government jurisdiction unless and until he violates the rights of another. Owning a gun, or a thousand guns, in and of itself does nothing to violate the rights of anyone (so long as those guns were fairly bought and not stolen), and therefore those in government have nothing to say about it.

    But the left (the authoritarians, the coercives, or what I call “The Criminal Class”) doesn’t want to hear any of this. They don’t want, and will refuse to have, a discussion of the basics. The truth is their enemy, and anyone who speaks against the ever-growing power and influence of their Coercive System is a blasphemer. An infidel, and infidels must be shut up and put down.

    Likewise, we should never be willing to discuss the “legal” use of coercion. It is a crime, and there should be no acceptance of crime as official policy.

    Thus we are criminals to them (we threaten everything they’ve strived for – we threaten the very foundation of what they consider to be “civilization”). Likewise, they are criminals to us (they threaten [fail to even recognize] the sovereignty of the human individual, and without individual sovereignty we are slaves – they threaten the very foundation of what we consider to be civilization). Neither side, if they truly believe what they claim to believe, should have any tolerance of the other side whatsoever.

    And so will have to fight another major war, sooner or later. The authoritarians will start it (they always do), mainly because they simply cannot exist in their cover of lies if we’re allowed to breath free.

    Let’s just be sure we understand, and make it crystal clear to all, what we’re fighting against, and what we’re fighting FOR, and why– It is the confusion over the difference that has resulted in Mankind having to fight over and over and over again, never deciding the matter. It is time for clarity.

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