Google giving millions to gun control groups

I think Google is a great company in a lot of way. But their politics sure isn’t one of them. This is the latest insult to gun owners (emphasis and links added):

At the first national organizing summit for a new campaign to empower local gun violence prevention innovators across the country, the PICO LIVE FREE campaign announced that is providing them with a new $2 million grant to support local efforts to reduce homicides by firearms, decrease mass incarceration, and center communities of color in the fight to reduce gun violence in America.

The Peacemaker Partnership is made up of national, leading gun violence prevention and anti-racism organizations including:

Community Justice Reform Coalition
Kellogg Foundation
Advance Peace
Alliance for Gun Responsibility
Americans for Responsible Solutions

Amnesty International
Athletes for Impact
The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
Campaign for Black Male Achievement
Cities United
Civic Engagement Fund
The Daniel Initiative
End Rape on Campus
Everytown for Gun Safety
Guns Down
Jobs R 4 U
The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence
Live Free Chicago
Meridian Solutions
Million Hoodies for Justice
Moms Rising
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
National Domestic Violence Hotline
National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform
Operation LIPSTICK
Organizing for Action
PICO California
Revolve Impact
States United to Prevent Gun Violence
Voto Latino

It’s back to using Microsoft Edge as my browser and Bing as my search engine.


11 thoughts on “Google giving millions to gun control groups

    • Gates is not Microsoft. He is donating money, but, to the best of my knowledge, Microsoft only does the 501(c)(3) matching donations to anti-gun groups. And the last I heard, Microsoft was the single largest donor to SAF (again via matching 501(c)(3) donations).

  1. Right, so a totalitarian is now and “innovator”. I suppose they’ve always viewed themselves as such, throughout human history.

    Is there a major tech company that is NOT in bed with the NWO, “Thousand Points of Light” authoritarians?

  2. It may not be (and probably isn’t) what’s going on here, but many companies have a matching gift program, whereby an employee’s donation is matched by the employer. This would let the “antis” claim that “Company XYZ supports us!!”

    Question: Have any of the gun rights groups *asked* Google et al for grants/support/donations?

  3. When my company announced a charity matching scheme, I immediately logged the NRA Civil Right Defense Fund and NRA Foundation into the system. Almost immediately, they took the matching system offline so they could do some more thinking. When it came back online, I was right there with a fist full of cash to get my matching contribution. Basically, I backed them into a corner of either doing what they said they were going to do (matching for 501C3s) or admitting that they wanted this as a progressive funding mechanism and non-progressives need not apply, which has PR implications.

  4. “Decrease mass incarceration”, eh? So I suppose they’ll be fighting all those other groups mentioned whose main adgenda is to implement new felony code affecting tens of millions of otherwise law abiding people.

  5. Why must these idiots be idiots. Stick to a product, take my money, stfu.

    Next phone is non android.

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