Quote of the day—Shannon Watts

The silencers are an accessory to make up for the loss of guns sales since President Obama left office.

They’ve sold the Barbies, and now they need to sell the Barbie Dreamhouse, and the Barbie shoes, and the Barbie car. That is essentially what suppressors are.

Shannon Watts
Founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America
May 29, 2017
Gun lobby seeks to calm fears about silencers
[Watts and her left wing ilk apparently believe that money is the motivation for everything and/or that motivation by money it is an evil impulse. Hence by lying about the NRA being primarily monetarily rewarded for firearm related sales Watts thinks it will generate more support for her position. All it really does is demonstrate she is clueless and/or has evil intent.—Joe

Update: It occurs to me that this is also about insulting gun owners. She is dismissing our exercise of a specific enumerated right as the equivalent of “playing with dolls”. ]


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  1. Let them believe that, please. If silencers are nothing more than Barbie accessories then let’s get them off their NFA status.

    And if semi automatics are to become “assault weapons”, which are now Barbie dolls, which are conflated with automatic rifle and assault rifles, then we can do away with the NFA altogether.

    And since the jihadists can make bombs out of anything, regardless of how restricted the rest of us are, then the restrictions on explosives mean nothing whatsoever.

    Therefor the BATFE can become the BAT. That’s thousands of bureaucrats we can stop supporting, and one little drop of liberty restored. We can have some kick-ass Barbie collections without all the hassle.

    • Actually, it should be BA. The T part is unconstitutional; the A part is actually authorized (to some extent) by the amendment that repealed Prohibition.

      • How are the T or A unconstitutional?

        Excise taxes and interstate trade are enumerated powers, are they not?

        (Article I, Section 8, powers 1 and 3.

        I mean, some things to do with tobacco and alcohol laws and enforcement might be, but not the tax enforcement that BATFE really primarily does, there.

        BATFE’s own “Alcohol and Tobacco” information is all strictly, at a glance, couched in terms of tax avoidance/compliance.

        If you want borderline or unconstitutional T/A enforcement and laws, look to the FDA’s purview.)

  2. That is called “projection.” Rule #3 for SJWs.

    She doesn’t understand motivation apart from money, so she assumes that is why everyone else does things. They pay her to say stupid shit, and she likes her paycheck, so she says stupid shit on command.

    • How Pavlovian!
      And I am not referring to the famously graceful ballet dancer, Annae Pavlova. I doubt that Ms Watts has, as the saying goes, a graceful bone in her body.

  3. Oh and, the “profit motive” must be maligned and impugned. It’s how you get billions of people to agree to a campaign of mass confiscation. Give them a small share of the booty and you practically own them.

    If your property wasn’t gotten fairly or with a pure heart, then it’s OK to take it from you by threat of force. Personal gain is not a pure motive. Therefore no one’s property is valid property except for that which was confiscated under threat of force. That wealth is pure because it represents Economic Justice.

    In reality of course it is wholesale grand larceny. Thus crime has become good, and good, which includes the opposition to crime, is now crime.

  4. So many things wrong here…

    Firearms sales using NICS as a surrogate have slowed a bit from the recent election frenzies, however, they are still way up from what they were a decade ago is my understanding. The new “normal” is so elevated that it shows her claim is false.

    The manufacturers of suppressors are often not the major firearms manufacturers so this idea of a grand conspiracy to keep the industry alive is silly and not factual. Only a small portion of firearms are even threaded to accept suppressors so it is a fixed and smaller market.

    Finally, as noted, what concern is it to her and why dictate how someone else does business? Clever business people are always looking for another opportunity and the market for suppressors is no exception. Given the brake applied by the BATFE on the tax stamp to get one, all we will see is the release of the backlog and the pent up demand which has been hampered by governmental lethargy.

    As an accessory, suppressors are a major safety improvement. You would think the gun safety” (spit) groups would heartily endorse such safety enhancements. Well, they would…if they were actually about gun safety. Hypocrites!

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  6. Watts is projecting as she is paid to do. One must wonder where she sees herself in five-ten years when her sexual Mkt Value has evaporated and she’s just another old hag dumped by Bloomberg/Soros for something younger, will she pull a Lacy Green and attempt to flip sides? Does she think that she can accomplish that without a total act of contrition?

    • Well, she’d need to arrange a mugging (body guards no longer available since Bloomberg money would no longer be supporting her) to precipitate the abrupt realization that she really wanted a gun in that moment, then take a gun class under a pseudonym, then actually pay attention to the information from the benighted yokels she had previously never listened to for a moment, the scales are lifted from her eyes, how she had been lied to all these years, how she had lied in total ignorance and, lo, she could tell about all the plans of the anti-gun astroturf and yada-yada-yada…

      I tell ya, she could have a five year intensive plan to end up on the NRA board of directors. Step 2 involves a lot of question marks and step 1 involved underpants, but she could have a plan.

  7. Oh, Mizz Watts, we’re by NO means done buying our Barbie dolls. Have no fear, we can buy accessories at the same time; we’re flexible that way.

  8. CRAP!
    I’ve been wasting my $$ on GI JOE………………………………..

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