Wanted: Pro-Gun Graphic Designer

Help Wanted: Pro-Gun Graphic DesignerUpdate 6/1/17: Thanks for your graphic designer suggestions. I’ve found a professional pixel-pusher to help with the project.

Hello, gun enthusiasts! Anyone out there a graphic designer, willing to help add final touches to a logo? It’s for a prominent gun rights group.

I’ve completed the creative director side of things; just need a designer to add a little polish.

If you can help, please reply in the comments. Thanks,

P.S. Being that it’s for a non-profit, the pay is $0, but you’ll have an excellent piece to add to your portfolio.

P.S.2.0: Sure, I could farm this out to fiverr.com, but, in this instance, I wish to work with a pro-gun designer who “gets it”.


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  1. I don’t do a whole lot of it, but I’ve done a couple logos here and there. I did the GunBlog VarietyCast logo, and Blue Collar Prepping’s logo and blog/facebook art, and I’ve done a couple others for friends and family. I’d be willing to give it a try if you’ll send me some information.

    • Thanks, Wolfman. I appreciate you reaching out. I’m looking for someone with more experience, with a bigger portfolio of work. It’s challenging to put into words, but there’s a certain style I’m looking for, and I’ll know it when I see it in the work.

      Long story short, thanks! And I’ll keep you in mind for future gun project design work which matches the style I’m looking for. 👍💛

  2. Just keep in mind that the message is more important than the look. The NRA is the largest shooting and gun rights group, and can you, right now, without thinking about it, envision their logo?

    All I’m coming up with is three block letters; “NRA”. Now I suppose there’s a logo, with an eagle or something, but who gives a flying fuck?

    It’s the message and the action, and the commitment. The product and the passion behind it.

    Let the graphic designers go bang their heads against a wall someplace, preferably far away.

    Now it doesn’t seem so attractive does it? So THEN you need a flashy logo. See how that works?

    “Gosh, I’d send them some money, or I’d help out with a new shooting range, but I don’t know; that logo…”

    Right; it doesn’t happen.

    Then again, the Golden Arches are kinda cool, so that blows away everything I just said. Except it doesn’t, because it’s still about the product.

    It’s like getting a degree in music performance. If you’re good at it, you don’t need the degree, and if your aren’t any good at it, the degree won’t help. Same goes for logos.

    Who ever though it would be a good idea to name a band, The Beatles? Doesn’t matter, because they delivered the right product. There were lots better names, but who remembers them as well?

    • Also; commitment is a bitch. It tends to get you killed. In fact, if you’re doing a really great job, it probably will get you killed.

      Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr; all killed, and can you remember any of their logos?

      I must suck at life because, as far as I know no one is actively trying to kill me. No doubt I’m on some watch lists, but that’s peanuts…

      • Correct, Lyle. Those guys’ messages challenged the status quo so much that they did indeed get murdered for their beliefs.

        If Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr were alive in modern times, I’d scramble at the opportunity to help them with branding, logo, strategy, tagline, marketing, etc. All are highly effective tools used fo encapsulating complex, yet worthy, powerful messages.

        As for being picked on for conveying unpopular messages, I’ve been targeted/physically attacked to near-death (a long story; maybe I’ll blog about it some time).

        I suppose I could remain in silence for the rest of my life. Or I could choose to arm myself with crayons and words, launching logic missiles to advance mankind’s freedom. I’m okay with that. At this stage, I don’t really have a choice.

      • Jesus has one of the most recognizable logos in history. People wear it on necklaces and pins. They put it on bumper stickers and brochures. Even just tracing out the sign of the cross in the air is instantly recognized.

    • Lyle, I appreciate your words. But I almost entirely disagree with every point — or attempted point — you made.

      You are an expert gunsmithing and musical instrument repair. Both are art forms. I admire your work in those areas. If I needed help with a gun, I’d go to you.

      If I needed help with marketing, branding, strategy, etc., I would definitely *not* go to you. I would go to me.

      Right now, I’m looking for someone to quickly wrap up a design project (which I’m capable of doing, but do not have the time), and I’m working on deadline.

      Again, I disagree with nearly all your “points”. Your perspective on this topic is waaay off mark.

      Maybe someday I’ll write a blog post about the odd incongruity of free-marketeers who are clueless and fearsome of marketing. But today’s not the day.

      Agreeing to disagree. Entirely.

  3. You could try the Graphic Penguin in Alabama. When they were located in Los Angeles I would occasionally shoot with one of the owners. I think its pretty safe to say “They get it”

    • Thanks, Sam. I found a designer.

      I’ll keep graphic penguin in mind for future projects.

  4. stephanie:

    the guy who used to do the illustrations for sarco and other shotgun news advertisers.

    the best, and the funniest!!!

    john jay

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