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Isn’t it great to be a gun owner? Without your weapons, you’d probably have to face up to being an ignorant redneck loser, but with guns you’re the man!

4:39 PM PST, December 28, 2016
Comment to Why punishing Democrats for their gun-control sit-in is dicey territory for Paul Ryan
[This is what they think of you.

In regards to “ignorant loser” we would probably find that rule number three of SJWs Always Lie is applicable here.—Joe]


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  1. It makes me sad whenever I see or hear someone say that. Folks in the country, especially rednecks, are some of the kindest, nicest people I have met since coming to America. They have a knowledge base that is vastly different to city slickers, but somehow that makes them dumb?

    If their guns make them feel safe, it also makes them approachable, knowing they can defend themselves if necessary from a weirdo bicyclist and have nothing to fear, and that has made all the difference on some of the remote touring I’ve done. They went above and beyond when my buddy Dave was doing his GDMBR race to return his wallet, a gesture of kindness that will forever earn him beers at pubs because the story is so epic.

    How can you not like that.

  2. It’s so annoying when they go off-script.

    That’s supposed to be “…you’d probably have to face up to being an ignorant redneck loser with a tiny dick…”

    — Michael Bloomberg

  3. Ironic that its a comment about the political fallout of Anti-Rights Democrats having a full-blown temper tantrum when they didn’t get their way.

    • What irony? I don’t see any irony there. Authoritarians are all about intimidation and coercion (being unpleasant as a means of acquisition). Therefore they will always and forever throw temper tantrums, and worse, when we fail to play along with their delusions. For those of the Alliance of the Dark Side, that behavior is built into the foundations of their character.

  4. Who says I can’t face up to being an ignorant redneck loser, and carry a gun, both at the same time? We ignorant redneck losers are good at multi-tasking. We can raise a family, take care of acres of property, keep the plumbing and the wiring in order, tend a garden, hunt for meat, help the needy, console the grieving, run a business and overcome Progressivism all at the same time.

    This reminds me of John McCain (RINO – AZ) calling us Hobbits, intending it as an insult. If he’d known how resistant to corruption, how maturally talented, how basically good, and how revered the Hobbits were among certain Men and Elves, having played a key role in delivering Middle Earth from the creeping forces of evil, then McCain would have chosen some other model for his attempted insult. He was too much of a self-sequestered, ignorant, Marxist-pandering loser, however, to understand any of that.

    Besides; if the ignorant Marxist losers aren’t attacking us, we’re not upholding the American Principles of liberty as well as we could. If the ignorant Marxist losers aren’t actively trying to kill us, we could be doing better.

  5. g_k is behind the times. Since 8 November last I’m an ignorant redneck winner.

  6. Given the investment in some of our collections, and the income required to make those acquisitions, g_k might reconsider who the losers are.

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