Be careful out there

I generally avoid crowds simply because I am an introvert and find contact with a lot of people to be draining. I do it sometimes when the rewards are worth the effort (Boomershoot, NRA Conventions, family gatherings, etc.).

Things have been changing and the downside of being in large groups of people is increasing. DHS and the FBI warned us (from December 24th):

Federal authorities warned Friday that ISIS sympathizers “continue aspirational calls for attacks on holiday gatherings, including targeting churches.”

The bulletin was issued by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security and issued to law enforcement agencies and private security companies around the US.

    There are no known specific, credible threats, US law enforcement officials say. The bulletin was issued out of an abundance of caution given the public nature of the posted threats and the holiday season.

    The bulletin was sent Friday to law enforcement after pro-ISIS websites had published a publicly-available list of churches in the United States.

    There are also more explicit threats, ‘We will make New Year mayhem’ which include the following pictures (click to see higher resolution pictures):





    Stay alert, stay calm, and carry if you can.


    9 thoughts on “Be careful out there

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    2. And yet they say we are paranoid, and we should let more in, and it is stereotyping to say they are terrorists, and it’s a religion of peace….

      Apparently, they are both history- and verbal-communication challenged.

    3. Because the authorities are warning us about it, I will state with an extremely high level of confidence that we have nothing to worry about in this regard. It’s the stuff that they don’t tell us about that worries me.

    4. One thing that is almost certain in one of these attacks is that it will take place in a Govt Mandated Predator Hunting Ground and Defenseless Victim Enclosure . So the chances of a prepared citizen being present are virtually nil.

    5. “There are no known specific, credible threats, US law enforcement officials say.”

      Do nothing but issue bulletins while bringing in more enemy infiltrators. That right there is a known, specific, credible threat– Our own government. How much do we pay for these worthless fucks?

      At some point the world will decide that it’s had enough of Johnny Jihad, will realize that there’s no reason it has to put up with it, and will put a permanent end to that Islamist shit. Until then, we have to face our own governments, which are providing aid and comfort to the enemy, deliberately making things worse.

    6. I, for one, am also an introvert and have hated crowds since I was a 9 year old at a 1968 campaign rally for Nixon. The bastard reached right over my head at the rope line, engulfing me in his malodorous suit right up to his armpit, to shake the hand of an eligible voter. I laughed out loud the day he resigned, and I still avoid crowds.

      Yet, I also recognize that there is a statistical likelihood of me personally being anywhere close to jihadi action that is similar to me winning the Texas Two Step lottery, or about 1 in two million here in the US. I can live with that, and realize from such analysis that the jihadis are more effective in causing alarm with their posters than they are, or ever will be, with their activities. Eff ’em.

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