Quote of the day—Dr. Keith Ablow

At least 84 people died Thursday night in Nice, France, when a terrorist plowed a truck into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day. Their deaths should free all of us, once and for all, from the toxic and seditious lie, spread by the likes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, that guns–not madmen or radical Islamics–are a threat to civilized people in America, or in France, or anywhere else.

Dr. Keith Ablow
July 15, 2016
Bastille Day bloodbath in Nice proves that gun control advocates are liars
[Read the whole thing. It’s short and sweet.—Joe]


13 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Dr. Keith Ablow

  1. The truth of his observation was obvious decades, if not centuries, ago. That has not and will not stop the enemy from repeating the lie. They still hope that the theory of the Big Lie will work out in their favor in the end.

    • Judging from the inexorable spread of CCW, I’d say the big lie is starting to show failure points.

      • I hope it isn’t exorable. Given people like “justice” Ginsberg, I worry about that. (Not that her words are a big deal; they caused commotion but aren’t the real issue. The real issue is the opinions she holds, ones that most of her ilk are careful to keep hidden.)

  2. The authoritarians, the ones at the top of their chain of command, want instability as a means of obtaining more power. It is a mistake to think, or to hope, that logic, and the obvious, will change their minds and that they’ll somehow become nice, freedom-loving Constitutionalists. It’s not only a mistake, it’s blind-stupid.

    Authoritarian perpetrators have a completely different set of metrics by which they operate, and their goals are unwholesome. Logic, to them, the obvious, to them, says that lies and the fomenting of instability are their tools of success. They have no reason to question that logic, being that it works nearly every time it’s tried.

    It works because idiots like us will desperately cling, over and over and over and over, despite all manner of proof to the contrary, to the false hope (the lie) that what we see as obvious can be made, with juuust the right presentation, to penetrate the authoritarians’ minds and change their world view. It can’t. Ever. They Cannot be convinced to change their hearts and minds because they see your interpretation of the facts as idiocy and theirs as superior. We are fools for them to play with, and our pleading, showing this and that proof of our arguments, is seen only as the desperate clucking of chickens being rounded up for slaughter.

    They have only to be defeated, beaten down like cockroaches into the woodwork of society where they always belonged, relegated to the status of common criminals which is their only true lot.

    The best we can hope for is that more people, the current dupes, the ones on the fence, will open their eyes so we can work together in greater numbers toward freeing ourselves from the authoritarian system.

    • Right, the “logic” and “obvious” to them is, you, subjected unto them, by any means necessary.

  3. If leftists really believed it was the guns, why do they go to museums like the Autry in Los Angeles with the Gun Room and all those unattended, evil guns.

    • Why did the Germans want to create a museum of Jewish culture?

      Why does the hunter kill an elk, for example, and hang its rack on his wall for decoration?

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