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  1. “We’re going to have to agree to disagree!”

    No, no we don’t, I’ve presented facts data, and presented my point in a calm and respectful matter….and you said “Well no” and now want me to claim our opinions are equal.

    No, it doesn’t work that way.

    • But, sadly, in the leftist mind, and all to often in the speech codes at work, they ARE equal. And if you don’t say they are equal, then you are being an offensive, intolerant bigot. Because their feelings are more important than reality.

  2. Spread the meme/image far + wide. No need to credit me… unless you wish.

    #GUNCOG belongs to the public.

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  4. Great idea! I went to UrbanDictionary.com + submitted it…

    Cognitive dissonance in relation to guns, resulting in a person’s childish, aggressive and/or irrational behavior, after being shown gun facts which contrast with their beliefs.

    Brady, why ya gotta be so guncog? All I did was show you a graph about failed gun laws. Please stop yelling at me.

  5. Upon submitting it, I was prompted to login to facebook or Google+. I don’t have either; not sure if it went thdough. If anyone out there wants to try again, or check it, your help would be much appreciated. Thanks! Also, I forgot to type hashtag in the def. #GunCog

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  7. I still prefer hoplophobia with its link to mental illness. Plus Cooper.

  8. Why do people keep confusing NCIS with NICS?
    NCIS – a TV show – Naval Criminal Investigative Service
    NICS – Background checks – National Instant Criminal Background Check System

  9. Scott Adams’ persuasion stack shows that:
    1. Identity (best)
    2. Analogy (okay, not great)
    3. Reason (useless)
    4. Definition (capitulation)
    The chart falls into the reason area. From the other side, dead gay person + gun is an identity argument.

    Scott Adams = Dilbert

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