Stephanie Sailor

I met Stephanie Sailor at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Washington D.C. in 2000. We were both speakers at the event. I was incredibly impressed with what she had done for gun rights in Chicago. But being shy and intimidated by beautiful women I never would have approached her even if I had thought of something important to say to her.

But it turned out she approached me about being a member of the Microsoft Gun Club (now called “Gun Club at Microsoft”). We talked and Boomershoot soon came up. She, being a marketing person, realized more than I did the potential it had for positive media coverage and the implications for gun rights. She was a big reason for the success of Boomershoot (see page 86 of the March 2013 issue of Western Shooting Journal).

After I met Stephanie she ran for U.S. Congress a couple times on the Libertarian ticket, attended a few Boomershoots, and then somewhat mysteriously disappeared from public view. We occasionally had contact via email and phone but she was extremely concerned about remaining hidden. She briefly came out of hiding with an alias and made an appearance at Boomershoot 2012 before going into hiding again. I maintained contact with her for a few months but things were difficult between us and there hasn’t been any contact since then.

Until today. She send me a brief email and a link to her blog and the one post on it. She is using her real name again.

Her blog post is titled Warning: White Bill Cosby Preys at Libertarian Conventions. I knew some of the stuff she wrote about in the post but not all. It’s some really heavy stuff.

She says, “Today I’m in a place of no longer living in fear. This article is cathartic.” That’s really good to hear. I knew things were very difficult for her but I didn’t really understand where the problems were coming from, how to help her, or if she even could be helped. What I see is very good news for her well-being and I hope she continues to improve. Both for her sake and for us. She was a tremendous ally in our fight for gun rights and I hope she is someday able to reenter the fight.


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  1. What the shit. This guy can’t be some run of the mill predator type. Hidden cameras, phone hacks? There’s money there, and that jangles my ‘something more beneath the surface’ suspicions.

      • Probably a Democrat agent provocateur and/or saboteur. Infiltrate the party (btw – how can Libertarians even *have* a party? Doesn’t that run contrary to the philosophy?) and either cause so much intimidation that no one wants to participate, or create so much scandal that it just implodes.

        • Or, he’s simply a self-serving psychopath.

          His pile of victims goes far, far, far beyond Libertarians.

  2. This link will be getting forwarded to one of my very good friends who is active in the LP at the state level here in PA and currently at the LP Convention in Orlando. Waiting until after he gets back though, anything done now would only amount to an advanced warning to the individual in question.

  3. This is more common than you think. With today’s cheap and easy micro-electronics, any place can be bugged. Computers can be hacked. Once a stalker gets latched on, the only real way to stop it is by the stalker’s death. Many of these scum will stalk from prison, either directly or through proxies.

    Let us hope Ms. Sailor remains safe.

    • Andrew — thanks for your concern for my safety.

      Since sharing my experience with the rest of the world a few days ago, I’m experiencing an amazing “shield” of security, having all these people looking out for me.

      • My wife was stalked by her rapist father and the rest of her family. Calmed down somewhat after his death (I still want to dig up the grave and cut off the head, drive a stake through the heart, salt the body, stuff it with garlic etc.)

        We won’t ever be safe until the last of her family is gone. Permanently gone. I work on following them and making sure they hurt no-one else.

        Please remain vigilant. Stay safe. And I pray that the bastard and the evil people that support and protect him all get their just desserts.

  4. No comment. If I were to enumerate all the red flags in that story, and explain why they’re red flags, it would take a couple thousand words, and then everyone who read it would be pissed at me. If you want to know what I’m talking about, just read the story again, as though it had been forwarded to you by a serial e-mailer.

    • You too, huh? This feels a little odd. An ultra-rich guy trolling LP conventions for prey?

    • Exactly why this isn’t being brought to my friend who is an LP delegate until after he returns from the convention, it needs to be looked into properly not in the manner of a witch hunt. While I find the accusations repulsive and the possibility that they are ongoing more so, due process is a must.

  5. I did a search for the man in question. I did not find any Libertarian connection to him for over 10 years. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t at the convention this year, but if he was he didn’t have nearly as high profile as he did 15+ years ago.

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