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  1. ASK day should be immediately followed by TACS day. Take A Child Shooting day.
    What better way to eliminate the allure of the unknown and promote safety than to go blow stuff up.

    • I’m working on that with my nephew, child of the Leftist and the Stalinist.
      The Stalinist has a nitroglycerin-magnitude temper, so maybe she should be locked up.

    • Fred, I like your idea of TACS day. Will run it by the TASK group.

      Just have to make sure TACS Day doesn’t interfere with ASK Day too much. Though looks like TASK Day is already doing that.

  2. Well played!

    A kid in Boston was killed while playing with a gun in the home. The gun belonged to his half-brother who was at the time serving time for drug dealing.

    Mom had 3 kids from 3 different convicted gang members….so she’s obviously mom of the year, still she possibly didn’t know about her incarcerated son’s illegal gun…so what’s the point of asking?

  3. A friend, who along with his wife operated a day care, was once asked by a parent about guns in the house. They had lots of guns, including toy guns for the kids to play with. I told him their response should be, “Not to worry; we’re very well armed here”.

    Do the Safety Nazis tell us to get nosey about dangerous cleaning chemicals, pesticides, matches, gasoline and power tools too? A swimming pool is, statistically, far more likely to result in tragedy than a pile of guns. Stairs and ladders, tree houses and the like are also high on the list, but right at the top is the motor vehicle.

    The point is; leftists don’t give a damn about safety, for children or anyone else. If they did they’d focus their attentions elsewhere AND they’d be committed to liberty. This is only an angle, an act, a shtick, a ruse, a way of covering for their lust for total power. In fact their political ideology is one of the biggest killers of all time, while the American Ideal of liberty and justice for all, even as imperfectly as it’s been implemented, has resulted in the highest degree of security and prosperity in human history.

    • Right. It’s not about “gun safety” or saving kids’ lives. It’s about “gun-shaming” your neighbors into locking up or disabling — or even better yet, getting rid of — their guns, lest you refuse to let your kids associate with their kids.

      That’s really all it is. “Gun-shaming”. No different from “fat-shaming” or “slut-shaming”, except that it implicates an enumerated, Constitutionally-protected civil right.

      • We need to turn it around. If they ask “Do you have all your guns locked up?” ask them if their children have been taught responsible firearm safety should they ever find one.

        • Excellent point. Will pass that on to the bright people at TASK. I’m sure they’ll incorporate it into their marketing materials, images, memes… @TASKsavesKids

      • Apparently the CDC has been pushing for doctors to ask this sort of questions too. It hasn’t happened to me yet. My answer would be “none of your business” and if they persist “I’ll find a real doctor”.

        How they ever found enough quacks at CDC to get this started in the first place is a real puzzle.

    • When I think about all the leftists I knew back in New Jersey, most of them were VERY WEALTHY and owned SWIMMING POOLS. Many liberals had second homes in the Hamptons: swimming pools everywhere.

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