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Barack Obama is single handily responsible for the sales of more guns and ammo than any human being in the history of the United States. Clinton could do better.

Richard Feldman
May 23, 2016
Hillary Clinton Could Topple Obama’s Record for Revving Gun Sales
[While there is more than a little truth to this, Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, and numerous other evil politicians, as well as Bloomberg, Moms Demand, and The Brady Campaign contributed their fair share and will again contribute if our country is subjected to another President Clinton.

President Bill Clinton was a big part of the reason I became a gun owner and got into explosives. A President Hillary Clinton could be the reason millions more become gun owners.

You realize what this means, right? Anti-gun people should vote against Hillary to keep guns out of the hands of the American people.—Joe]


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  1. “Anti-gun people should vote against Hillary to keep guns out of the hands of the American people.” Yes. But by the crap for brains theory, they will not understand that.

    • Some are true, crap-for-brains mental zombies (the duped) and so yeah; that’s a sort of Catch-22. If they’re dumb enough to want guns “out of the hands of the American public” then they’re too dumb to understand that their efforts so far have increased the number of guns in the hands of the American public by millions. They’ll support the bitch (funny they can’t apply their “we create two or three terrorists for every terrorist we kill” concept here, to gun right politics).

      The rest of the left (the rank-and-file perpetrators – those who understand what “Progressive” means) want a fight and so even though they understand what’s going on they’ll support the bitch. They may think she’s a shrieking, repulsive old cow, but they’ll support the bitch as THEIR skrieking, repulsive old cow.

      Then there are the inside, partners-in-crime who will be desperate to get the bitch in office so as to a) keep the scams going, and b) avoid prosecution for a little longer. I don’t see many of those believing that they’d benefit from a fight. Either way most of them will support the bitch. Some will already have been coerced into supporting the bitch. Bitch has dirt on a lot of poor bastards.

  2. If the Devil himself was running against Hillary, I would vote for the Devil. Better the Devil you know and I don’t know the depths of evil the devil Hillary is could stoop to.

  3. Hmm, who sold more domestically? Internationally? Hillary may have BHO beaten in the international market ;-p

  4. Results don’t matter. It is how they feel, virtue signaling and boosting their moral superiority complex that are paramount. They would climb a pile of dead bodies (preferably children for the optics) to wave a bloody shirt to further their cause.

    What they fail to realize is that if they push too hard, they will awaken the sleeping dragon and spark off the Second American Civil War. There are plenty of us who will not be disarmed by any means.

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  6. Really?? the way that is put down it is an oxymoron or something like that !! Vote “against” hillary to keep guns “Out” of the hands of American People?? Bring in the “Oxford Comma!!!” Oh Never mind!! here’s the deal boys and girls, change the term “agains” to “For” and the statement makes sense..for what it’s worth?? never mind about hillary keeping gunz out of the hands of American People… that is the least of our worries….She will as President institute…World War III !!!!!!!! Got that yet Fool??
    Oh brother!!,

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