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I’m not talking about violent crime, I’m talking about homocides of children. There is quite a diffrent, the shrink can help

Yankeesfan66‏ @Rangersfan66
Tweeted on February 18, 2016
[In what universe does this guy live such that homicide of innocent children is not a crime?

These people have mental problems and projection issues.—Joe]

Update: I got a response on Twitter from this genius in response to this blog post:

Now you know why I remember psychiatrists for you gun addicts…

Mr.shawn has a point.


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Yankeesfan66 @Rangersfan66

  1. I’m not sure that even a shrink can help these people. First they need to recognize that they have a problem with perception of reality…….

  2. Plop that quote on top of two people having an abortion debate, and then try to Venn diagram the possibilities and variance of definitions being used. It could be ugly.

  3. It doesn’t help that two tweets earlier he said, “#MoreGunsMoreGunViolence that’s what.”

    So he was talking about violent crime, but somehow lost track / intentionally ignored it.

    I definitely understand why his favorite counter to his arguments being demolished was implying/stating that *other* people needed psychiatric assistance.

    Projection, pure and simple.

  4. He wrote “homocides of children”, not “homicides of children”. Apparently whatever “homocide” is, “There is quite a diffrent [sic]”.

    Please forgive my incorrectness, but one will have a difficult time if one tries to reason with a moron/idiot/imbecile.

    • George Carlin said it best, Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.However, I’m sometimes a little slow in determining their level and wonder if I might have a chance even though they have more experience than I.

    • Reason, you will remember, is a weapon used by white men to oppress women and minorities, and now children.

      Ayn Rand documented, some fifty years ago, that insanity was being openly promoted by the left as a useful weapon against what they referred to as The System.

      Impugning reason and promoting insanity make sense if your goal is to defeat the United States, which was based on reason and sound principles.

  5. In what universe does this guy live such that homicide of innocent children is not a crime?

    Let me re-phrase: In what universe does this guy live such that individual, private gun ownership is a worse crime than the homicide of innocent children?

    Now let me answer: “Yankees Fan”? “Rangers Fan”? New York, apparently.

    Which would actually explain quite a lot.

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