Quote of the day—Lesley Savage

Jimmy Kimmel proved once again that not only is he one of the funniest men on TV, but he is also one of the most descent.

Lesley Savage
July 29, 2015
Jimmy Kimmel chokes up talking about dentist who killed Cecil the lion
[Yes, that last word is exactly as spelled in the original article as of 7/29/2015 8:44 AM PDT. Layers of editorial oversight… And some sort of Freudian slip?

There also is a hint of Markley’s Law in the article as well:

The big question is, why are you shooting a lion in the first place?…Is it that difficult for you to get an erection that you need to kill things?

Demonstrating the mainstream media is continuing its descent into oblivion.—Joe]


9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Lesley Savage

  1. They seem to have fixed the spelling.

    It’s fascinating how some people can overlook the killing of thousands of people to search for, find, and then display anguish over the killing of a single lion.

    There is a pattern here of course. A number of infamous authoritarians have displayed more “compassion” for animals than for humans. It’s a way of elevating themselves to a status above that of other humans.

    Apparently, any man who can maintain a large enough erection has noting left to do in life. One wonders then, what a man with a large, hard penis is meant to do. He won’t want a nice house or a nice car or plane, he won’t be an industry leader, he won’t want guns or anything that could be seen as masculine. Where does this lead? I believe he is meant to be an effeminate homosexual, isn’t he? That would leave all the macho stuff to a few angry, butch lesbians. Isn’t that where this trail leads?

  2. I strongly doubt all the tears in the world do as much for wildlife as the trophy fees and licenses dollars spent by hunters.

    Why hunt a lion? Ask any Massi.

  3. “. . . who reportedly leaves behind six cubs.” Now that phrase is pure gold hilarity. Cuz we all know how nurturing the male lion is.

    • I’m waiting for a Leftist Talking Head to say that about a wild Chimpanzee or Ape or Gorilla, considering that when the pack leader dies the new leader does some housecleaning of the various young primates to reinforce his bloodline.

  4. If Leftists are afraid to fight real evil they have to make up evils to fight.
    What of the other hunters of lions in Africa? Are they less worthy of receiving death threats from cowards? Or is it because this time the animal has an individual name?

    What does it say about these moral idiots that they are more upset about a tick-ridden lion than those people who had their heads hacked off with pen-knives because they called the Great Spirit by a different name and prayed differently?
    I want to say it’s because they are afraid of real evil, too afraid to call it by its own name, but I’m beginning to think the Leftists are Sinn Fein to Islam’s Irish Republican Army.

  5. So Kimmel invokes Markley’s Law, as so many others have. If he’s doing it for laughs, it’s a tired and sick joke. If he believes it, well, I wonder about HIS sexuality.

  6. I make no connection between killing and arousal. The fact that these people DO is quite disturbing.

    Its funny how the whole world is outraged over this lion’s death except the Zimbabweans- who are like “so?”

  7. Good lord.

    How many people died of ebola in Africa last week?

    How many people died of AIDS in Africa last week?

    How many children starved to death in Africa last week?

    How many people were tortured or murdered by African governments last week?

    And these people are upset about an animal? Seriously? This is all a joke, right?

    Look, I know there are conservation laws, and I know there are game wardens. These things exist for a reason. I get that. My suspicion, though, is that a naive American tourist who paid a great big wad of money to go to Mugabestan on safari put his trust in the local hunting guides who told him, oh yes, B’wana, we do everything legal-like here. And that somewhere along the way the dentist failed to give out enough bribe money to the locals. He gave some Zim customs inspector a twenty, who wanted to hold out for a hundred. He paid a game warden five dollars who wanted twenty to stamp his ticket. And now the Zimbabwean government, which is utterly corrupt and inept from top to bottom and end to end, an absolute basket case even by the abysmal standards of sub-Saharan Africa, is telling goofy stories about the horrible Boer foreigner who failed to pay enough baksheesh to Inspector Mtebele–er, we mean, who killed the wrong lion by unspecified but doubtless horrible means that are doubtless beyond the pale. Because a country where cannibalism is listed as “death by natural causes” knows what’s beyond the pale. And all right-thinking people are expected to be outraged by it.

    Pardon me. My eyes rolled so far that they fell out of my head and are even now rolling back and forth across the Internet. Have you seen them?

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