Another form of shooting brace

For handguns. Apparently it’s “not an NFA item” because it doesn’t actually attach to the handgun. SO if you duct tape it…

It seems like an OK idea on the surface. Some will of course say that if you “learn to shoot” you won’t need it, that you should be able to get the gun’s inherent accuracy, or near to it, in practice without that kind of support. That’s a nice theory I suppose.

My problem with it would be that the sights are now that much closer and I already have a hard time focusing on the front one as it is unless I’m wearing special corrective lenses or looking through a small aperture. So now I’d need a Glock with a peep sight, which would suck when used at arms length. That or a reflex sight. Or one of those pasty apertures you can stick on your glasses.


2 thoughts on “Another form of shooting brace

  1. Looks like the model that takes an AR stock uses a fake buffer tube to attach the stock to the grip grabber. If that’s the case, no reason why that stock shouldn’t be adjustable, Lyle.

    Now they just need to come up with a similar “not permanently attached” stock to fit on the buffer of an AR pistol. If it just slides on the tube, instead of pressing on with some difficulty like the “arm brace,” how is that any different than this gizmo?

    Start up your injection molding gear, Lyle – the buyers are waiting to beat a pathway to your door!

  2. What I think is of interest is all the gizamodoohickeys that are being developed to basically make NFA “SBR” etc irrelevant.
    Still waiting for someone to develop an AR15 buttstock that straps to YOU, acting as a shoulder pad that the AR pistol buffer tube is partially slid inside. I guess that makes it literally a “shoulder thing that sticks OUT”

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