Discount code for gun safe

I received an email today with a discount code (5% off) for certain gun safes. The code is “FatMarble4u” and is valid for the “Fatboy Jr.” safes in burgundy and grey marble at

The prices on their website include shipping, or as they put it, “free shipping”.


3 thoughts on “Discount code for gun safe

  1. Interesting.
    I spent a while recently looking at various gun safe websites, and reading descriptions of test procedures. There’s a striking difference between UL tests on the one hand, and made-up company tests on the other. It is MUCH harder for a safe to get a UL rating than a made up rating for the same claimed time period, even if the test temperatures are the same. (The difference lies in what the UL test does when the time expires.) It’s different still when the temperatures are changed, as in the made-up tests that applies to this particular model (1200 vs. 1700 degrees).
    The other difference is that most gun safes seem to be fire-protection boxes, but without much in the way of burglary resistance, with a few exceptions. There’s one company that has some fun videos showing two guys prying open one of the competition with a 6 foot pry bar; it takes about 30 seconds.

  2. Pry open a rifle safe in 30 seconds……WOW!!!
    About 2 weeks ago another blog from thegunfeed (weaponsman?) They did a survey where they tried out 3 or 4 of the most exspensive handgun safes. Any one of them could be opened within 2 minetes with simple hand tools.
    There is a market niche here just WAITING to be exploited!!!

    • The video actually says “2 minutes”.

      It turns out that the lower ratings, like “residential security container” (RSC) which you find on a bunch of gun safes, are pretty wimpy. They might limit the attacker to a crow bar of 24 inches max, or something like that.

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