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I think genocides were/are actually useful to the planet’s preservation. Imagine if all these ppl would have not died how much more pollution there would be? I did follow this statement by ” yes genocide is horrific…but” I honestly know that genocides are terrible things however I actually don’t feel bad for these humans that were killed.  I don’t care  at all….. I know it’s wrong as society thinks it’s wrong but I actually think it’s not entirely a bad thing….it has its positives?

A Reader
June 21, 2015
[Yes. These people exist.

And the interesting thing is that it doesn’t take very many of them to implement a genocide. I think it was in Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust that I found it was something like only 2% of the population were directly involved in the genocide. That can explain why gun control is an essential component of every genocide. If that 2% is attempting to exterminate 20% of the population and half of the intended victims are armed then that means the intended victims outnumber the bad guys by about five to one. Even with an equipment advantage it’s going to be “challenging” to put those “reluctant” victims in the boxcars without losing a lot of bad guys. Which tends to make them “reluctant” to proceed.—Joe]


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    • I was about going to say, why is this guy still breathing? He should have offed himself as soon as he was convinced his mentality is the correct one.

  1. This is why Oleg Volk and Aaron Zelman consistently hammer on that theme. And the point of “even with an equipment advantage” is crucial. Gun haters often claim that the 2nd amendment is useless because you couldn’t defend yourself against an oppressive government with mere personal weapons. That’s nonsense in many ways. First, the argument is suspect because of the source. Second, the most important bad guys are not the ones with the artillery but the REMF politicians giving them orders. Third, the bad guys are cowards by definition and it doesn’t take much of a threat to them personally to scare them. Fourth, with a few personal weapons, some pluck, and some good luck you can acquire larger weapons.
    All of these points are easily demonstrated by looking at history.

  2. Sounds like a Progressive alright. “A Reader” reminds me of the still popular Progressive, George Bernard Shaw. Be sure to watch that video right to the end. It’s very short anyway.

    Yes; that’s a “proud, early 20th century Progressive”, right out of the same mold as Margaret Sanger, Woodrow Wilson, the KKK, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Helen Thomas.

  3. Joe, where did you find this quote? The ignorance (AND apathy) on display is staggering.

    Were genocides so long ago in our history that we have become THAT ignorant of them? Is it THAT difficult to generalize from “I don’t care about all those innocent people being murdered” to “nobody cares about MY innocent self being murdered”?

    In the case of your quote, the answer would appear to be yes, in both cases.

    It would be entertaining if the author of your quote were to put his/her beliefs into practice — say, by going onto a college campus, holding a sign: “OVERPOPULATION IS EVIL! Sign here if you volunteer to die to save Gaia”. (Perhaps he’d have a mean-looking associate standing nearby, wearing mirror shades and holding a hammer.)

  4. Neil Smith, in his polemic “Down with Power”, chapter title “The right to own and carry weapons” mentions this:

    Almost unbelievably, Watson and Jones report that a Dr. Eric R. Pianka, a biologist at the University of Texas in Austin, has expressed the “need” to exterminate 90% of the world’s population through an airborne ebola virus. “The reaction,” they report in horror, “from … scientists and professors in attendance was not one of shock or revulsion; they stood and applauded Pianka’s call for mass genocide.”

    And that’s not the only one along these lines. So it’s not just random illiterate morons who come up with these notions, but also people who, at least by some, are thought of as “scientists” or “leaders”.

  5. Just as abortion relieves the number of parasites on the body of the taxpayer, regardless of the wrong or right of it,it does have a plus side.

    • You’re making a questionable assumption: that the child of a parasite is bound to be a parasite, too.

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