18 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bacon @Baconmints

  1. This guy is like a virus that feeds on notoriety. Like that little annoying kid on the block that was a constant irritant, seeking attention. I know that he provides a ready source of Markley’s material but why feed his addiction for attention? Best to just ignore him completely – he has no power over you if you just dismiss him entirely.

  2. Remember kids, guns are for cowards.

    Don’t be cowards, yon brave Police Officers! Turn in your guns TODAY!

    • It’s like being a part of the vast right wing conspiracy. Somehow we’re paid members, but I never see a check…

      • I don’t get checks either. I think the NRA must be trying to send me wheelbarrows full of cash but they get hijacked somewhere…

        • Do I have to be a blogger to get paid, or does just owning firearms count enough to get one or two of those wheelbarrows?

        • I’d settle for them buying me lunch occasionally. I don’t have expensive tastes. Mugshots is fine by me.

  3. if we gun nuts have tiny cocks, then he, as a certified progressive, must have a bit cock.

    i think he should prove it. just to establish his bona fides as saying everyone has a tiny pud in comparison to his massive schlong. full frontal, face and combed hair, along with a copy of his driver’s license.

    sort of putting his cock where his mouth is. john jay

    p.s. since i have a tiny schlong, by definition, i gotta prove nothing. i am content. laughing.

    • There are a few that make reoccurring appearances. The point of MLM is to show how intolerant some of the Anti freedom crowd are. You do that not only by having a wide variety of contributors, but also by showing some of those contributors are consistent in their comments. As others here have pointed out, this particular contributor seems to be reveling in the fact that we notices his juvenile prejudices, which probably means lots of repeat performances in the future. I do think we have seen enough of this idiot to prove the point though. Best to move on to the next twitterer proclaiming their ignorance for the world to see.

    • Lots of times. I think he is currently scheduled for every other week out through September.

      It’s not that we can’t get enough of him. It’s that I never get tired of mocking him.

      I’ll try to spread his silliness out more so that’s it’s not every other week.

      • Awww, but Joe, I’m *bored* with this one. Can’t we find a shiny new idiot to make fun of? Twitter has tones of them I’m sure. . .

      • So you’re kind of admitting that you can’t get enough of him…. 😉

        • I’m curious why it’s so important to UBU that BaconMints here be right about the pro-rights community never getting tired of him parading his bigotry around.

          Or, rather, I’m fairly certain as to the “why”, but I wonder if UBU is intellectually honest enough to admit it.

          Oh, wait, I think I just answered my own question.

  4. Ah, Alinsky rules. I’ve written about this kind of thing previously in other blogs.

    They’re using the Alinsky playbook. They’ve been using it since 1968 or thereabouts. The problem with this is that Alinsky wrote with the unstated, apparently unexamined assumption that the evil, evil conservatives he so despised would just keep on responding politely to this sort of thing forever. That’s the funny thing about Gramscian social Bolshevism. When you start with the stated goal of bring about The Revolution by tearing down all social norms willy-nilly, and you scorn simple civility as part of that “cultural hegemony” that you intend to destroy, well–maybe you should prepare for unforeseen consequences. When your playbook says that victory goes to the side that’s willing to go further, to discard integrity, to discard truth, to discard foolish, outdated, hypocritical ideas, like the concept that the game has rules and there are lines that you can’t cross–well, future generations, if we are fortunate, may have the opportunity to record that some object lessons got taught that explained why those rules existed and why you don’t cross certain lines.

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