Quote of the day—Derek Amarpreet Whitman

Total paranoia. You will be one of the first people to be killed.

Derek Amarpreet Whitman
November 11, 2014
Comment to Gun Control Groups Eye More State Ballot Initiatives After Victory In Washington State
[I find it very interesting that in one sentence Whitman tells a gun owner he is paranoid and in the very next sentence tells him that he will be one of the first people to be killed. This is yet another demonstration that these people are incapable of rational thought.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Derek Amarpreet Whitman

  1. Good one! Can I play? Let’s see, how about;

    “Let’s get together and make plans to kill all people who believe in conspiracies.”

    “I swear to God I am an atheist.”

    “When it comes to modesty, I’m the very best.”

    “Angry haters keep me pissed off all the time. I hate them.”

    Actually, that last one is something that can and does happen, and we must endeavor to avoid the trap.

  2. Killed?

    By whom and for what reason?

    For believing in the Bill of Rights and Constitution?

    Folks like that are alarming… So now should he be surprised when those that he mocks and threatens are not welcoming or trusting?

  3. The thing is, Derek, we know better than you who the first ones to be killed are.

    The problem is, you’re side doesn’t realize yet who will immediately follow them. And when we try to warn you, so no one will have to be killed, you shit your pants.

  4. The Newspeak terms Blackwhite and Duckspeak seem so very apropriate.

    Naturally, you have the same people dismissing gun bans as being paranoid swooning over gun bans. Or chastizing the idea that UBCs will lead to registration expositing on how great registration is. And of course there’s those scoffing at the idea of registration leading to confiscation waxing nostalgic on the confiscation schemes other countries have enacted.

    I’ve also seen anti gun people have as their literal first sentance: “I don’t want to ban guns.” and then in the post imediatly after that open with “I never said I didn’t want to ban guns.”

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