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All the NRA has to do is scream that Obama is coming for your guns & these gunsterbating animals foam at the mouth and dance like the monkeys on the string they are.

Imma Commenter
February 2014
Comment to Supreme Court rejects NRA appeals
[Citation needed.

This one almost qualifies as an example of Markley’s Law. And they do qualify for the category of “Crap For Brains”.—Joe]


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  1. And yet I’d lay good money that this person also, and concurrently believes that 1) Obama *didn’t* want to ban guns and 2) That it’s a real shame Obama couldn’t get his gun bans through congress.

  2. Jack, I would too.
    As Waco said to Jimmy in “Sahara”, “That’s a sucker bet.”
    That’s such a certainty I don’t know who would take the other side without such long odds it wouldn’t be worth it.
    These are the same people who think that Republicans want children to go to bed hungry at night and who don’t want people to have health insurance, based on the innuendo and misdirection in President Obama’s speeches and their general prejudice against anyone who doesn’t agree with them about freebies from the government.

  3. “…these … animals foam at the mouth and dance like the monkeys on the string they are.”

    Imma, methinks thou doth perhaps protest too much. There are different factions of monkeys dancing on various strings it seems. If I’m destined to dance on a string, I’ll pick the string of liberty. The string of authoritarianism doesn’t appeal to me– In spite of the emotional appeal, authoritarianism has a rather bad record in practice, and at its foundation is a disregard for human rights.

  4. This mindset also wants your ability to disagree with them eliminated. Whether prosecuting “climate deniers”, the Moral Outrage about the new CEO at Mozilla (oops, former new CEO, they got his scalp) daring to have the exact same position on gay marriage in 2008, or the position of four Supremes that 1A protections are a collective right, nit individual. See the Volokh Conspiracy on that one. There *is* a culture war going on, and the other side is serious about winning it. And Statists have a rather troubling record when they take over a country.

  5. And my reason for trusting anything Obama “promises” is what exactly? Besides being an idiot?

  6. I’d have to agree with the sentiment. Why do people say Obama is the best gun salesman in the country? Because whenever he opens his trap about the 2nd amendment, ar15 prices triple and ammo becomes scarce. There is a Marinette here. It’s not the NRA, but gun owners are idiots.

  7. “Like the monkeys on a string they are?” I are a string?

    Misplaced modifiers and subject verb disagreement, for the lose!

  8. Of course, to believe this crap requires ignoring the fact that before the blood had even finished coagelating, Obama and the anti-rights bigots were ALREADY talking about eliminating guns and parts they find scary.

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