Exposing Leftists

College students are asked to sign a petition to impose Affirmative Action upon the basketball team (for diversity), to redistribute GPA points, ban conservative talk radio, etc.  Good stuff.  Enjoy.

What I took away was the students’ apparent total lack of ability, or preparation, for these discussions, meaning that high schools and universities aren’t encouraging such critical thinking at all.  I believe my son, who just graduated from high school, could give these petitioners a resounding talkin’ to.

HT to Glen Beck


2 thoughts on “Exposing Leftists

  1. Oh the other hand, I’d sign all three of those petitions, specifically because they are terrible ideas. 🙂

  2. That’s the whole point of the petitions, We (and the PC Leftists) recognize the perniciousness of affirmative action in sports, and the absurdity of redistributing GPA, but the leftists have a tremendous blind spot for Real World GPA, i.e. compensation for work done. This is another example to go along with the affirmative action bake sale, and the petition to repeal women’s sufferage.

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