Maybe now they will let people defend themselves

California is likely going to be forced to release 40,000 inmates from prisons due to over crowding.

With the economic in shambles few of these people will be able to find work and will resort to crime for the basic necessities. With the huge deficit and debt California has don’t expect an expansion of parole officers and/or police to protect the public from people that are still dangerous. And besides, what would they do with them if they caught them committing a crime? Put them back in the prison that was already overflowing?

California politicians who oppose people being able to defend themselves may face a sudden change of attitude in their voters in regards to gun control.

One might also expect a rise in the black market. The excessive regulation and high taxes stifle the utilization of cheap labor these newly released inmates represent. If the incentives to go straight are strong enough (getting shot for committing a minor crime could be sufficiently motivating) the price of the labor will become very low. If the labor is cheap enough entrepreneurs will consider getting into a grey market which bypasses the regulations and taxes. I would not be surprised that a dollar earned “below the radar” of the state is worth two dollars earned in full compliance with the state. If this does happened the underground economy will further erode the financial position of the state.

And what will be the end result? Will it be a Mad Max world, a libertarian utopia, or an invitation for the Feds to create a police state?


5 thoughts on “Maybe now they will let people defend themselves

  1. I don’t doubt for a moment that it shall take the shape of a nailscreaming, “I’m standing up, look at me! come please Mr. JBT hammer, pound me flat, like my fellows.”

  2. And what will be the end result? Will it be a Mad Max world, a libertarian utopia, or an invitation for the Feds to create a police state?

    Based on the voting record here in the PRK (Peoples Republic of Kalifornia), my guess is the latter. As a state, our elected officials get a 10% approval rating, yet in the last election, to the best of my knowledge, every single incumbent was reelected! The same bigoted, oxygen wasting a-holes who are driving us straight into a police state are still in office. Hell, even Moonbeam is back as Governor and he helped introduce many of the policies and laws that put us where we are.

    The “Progressives” love to tell people how they are the “educated” party. God forbid even one of them ever LOOK at the issue or person at hand. I actually heard a lady whom I am assuming is a “progressive”, say “That Meg Whitman is such an ugly-a$$-b!tch! I would never vote for her!” We vote for people based on how (un)attractive they are?!?! Maybe that earthquake we are supposed to have will really shove the state into the sea.

    Joe, do you need a full-time groundskeeper at the Boomershoot site? I learn fast and will bring my own rake and shovel….

  3. There will NEVER be a reform of the CCW laws in California through legislative means. As indicated in the recent election, Democrats own the state of California. And a California Democrat is just about the most liberal kind of Democrat that can be found, secure in their knowledge that guns are the source of all violent crime, and that they thing, not the person, is what must be controlled.

    California Democrats might, therefore, agree with the release of 40,000 inmates because these people are prisoners due to the failures of society, not by the poor choices the individual inmates made in their lives. If (when?) crime increases after the release, we are likely to see demands for stricter gun control laws instead of liberalizing them with the intent of bolstering armed self defense.

    Californians will win the right to armed self defense only through the courts. To find out how, and to help support the effort, visit The Calguns Foundation and read about their CCW Initiative:

  4. How could anyone vote for Meg Whitman? Look at how she handled her own money! Can you imagine how she would handle yours? She spent $174+ million and actually went DOWN in favorable ratings over the course of the election! Aside from that, if you used eBay over the years (I’ve been on eBay since 1997), she was really bad news. She wasn’t even pro-gun, so you can slap that silly idea out of your head.

    I have a lot of faith in Jerry Brown. If anyone can get us out of the mess we are in, he can. His political future doesn’t exist — so he really doesn’t owe anyone anything. On top of that, he’s held almost every position you can hold in the state. He knows the politics and he knows the laws and he knows how the state works.

    Brown has said some interesting things about the prison system in the past. I don’t believe releasing inmates will be a problem for him. He’s also not big on gun laws so I don’t know if increasing the number of CCWs in the state would be a problem for him or not. He’s not a dummy so I’d expect him to make some astute decisions on things.

    Anyway, we’ve got a fun four years ahead of us (maybe eight years) and I expect Jerry Brown to surprise a lot of us. He really doesn’t fit any particular political mold. (He’s almost like a Liberal/Libertarian/Conservative smooshed together — fiscal conservative, social liberal, libertarian in other ways, probably a bit socialist in others.)

    Also, most gang members these days are prosecuted under federal RICO statutes so they end up in Federal prison, not the California prison system. These people won’t be released due to state prison overcrowding. A lot of them are in prisons in other states anyway.

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