Quote of the day–Ralph Fascitelli

These are weapons of war. They can kill, shoot 200 bullets a minute. Anybody that uses a semi-automatic to hunt is an animal assassin. You know, that’s someone who would take an M-80 and throw it in a pond of water to kill fish.

Ralph Fascitelli
Board President of Washington Ceasefire
[“Weapons of war”? Almost none of the proposed firearms to ban have been used as military issue firearms let alone used in a war zone. They are sporting arms in common use and protected the Second Amendment.

If he can get 200 rounds a minute out of my Ruger P89 (considered an “assault weapon” by his definition) then he is a far, far better shooter than me or anyone I know.

Any firearm can be used to kill something. So how does that bit of information contribute to the discussion?

“Animal assassin”? I have a feeling that phrase is going to be used to mock Fascitelli for quite some time. And why bring up hunting? What has hunting got to do with the right to keep and bear arms?

A M-80 thrown into a pond to kill fish makes someone an “animal assassin”? No wonder their side is losing. They can’t make a cogent argument. He just wanders all over the place with his thoughts.

Every single sentence this guy said is either completely false or nonsensical. It’s another case of Crap for Brains.–Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Ralph Fascitelli

  1. I’ve always like the term “poodle pumper” but that is just me. The anti gun crowd seems to be closing their eyes tight and chanting “there are no guns” over an over. Just doesn’t seem to work.

  2. Well certainly if you’re hunting, I’d imagine you at least HOPE to kill some critters. To wound them just isn’t polite!

    Also I’m curious why the antis still talk about hunting. Seems that gun sales are up, conceal carry is up, but hunting numbers whenever I read about them are in decline.

    Hell I love being outdoors and harvesting my own meat. But I’ve never hunted. Why? Too much paperwork and legal mumbo-jumbo for me to bother. I’m smart to know that I may go out and never get anything. That’s fine and sounds like fun….but to not get something and having to pay a lot of fees, and find legal land, and ask permission, and know the laws ect ect. Sorry, I’m not going to seek that out.

    Still anybody offers to get me out in the woods, I’ll be there in a heartbeat!

    But essentially my point is, while this may have been true as recently as the early 90s, I have my doubts that the majority of gun owners in America are strictly hunters.

  3. He’s got a problem with using the ol’ DuPont Spinner for fishing?

    City slicker. He probably would use Rotenone.


  4. No, the dumb sonofabitch would probably get his fish from the supermarket where they are manufactured.

  5. Having thrown more than my fair share of M-80s into various bodies of water, including swimming pools, I’d say he has no basis for that claim. You really need a lot more powerful explosive to take fish. Unless you’ve got a very small pond.

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