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I’ve covered what I think are basics, based on what I saw work and what I think might work reasonably well here. I assume that a lot of you are thinking that this is all quite far into the future, if in fact it ever gets that bad. You should certainly feel free to think that way. The danger there is that you will miss the opportunity to adapt to the new reality ahead of time, and then you will get trapped. As I see it, there is a choice to be made: you can accept the failure of the system now and change your course accordingly, or you can decide that you must try to stay the course, and then you will probably have to accept your own individual failure later.

Dmitry Orlov
February 13, 2009
Social Collapse Best Practices
[Is society collapsing? I don’t know for sure. What I do know is that we haven’t had so many banks and major companies failing anytime in my lifetime. I know there are very, very few things governments can do better than the free market. I know government “solutions” are almost always worse than the original problem. And I know that our government has expanded and plans to expand into more areas than any other time in my life. I’ve not personally seen society collapse but it seems to me this is likely to be what it appears like in the early stages.–Joe]


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  1. I think one of the big factors is going to be governmental credit. The government has been spending money we don’t have under the assumption that China will continue buying up our debt. As a columnist I read last week put it, China seems to be on the verge of canceling our credit card.

    When that happens, the only recourse will be for the fed to print more money. That’s the only way they’ll have to cover the deficit.

    That means massive inflation…which inevitably leads to economic decline. I could easily see our economy going the way of Argentina over the next few years.

    Obama said he was only going to raise taxes on those making over $250k per year. Never fear, pretty soon that’s what a loaf of bread will cost.

    As you said, I don’t know that this is the beginning (or, more accurately, the middle) of the end, but I sure can see that it’s possible.

  2. Actually, Joe, I think (if I remember correctly, might be wrong) we had more “banks” failing in the S&L debacle in the ’80s. I was pretty young then, so I might be wrong… but then again, we didn’t have gov’t trying to save everybody left, right, and center.

    The problem as I see it, is gov’t designating companies as “too big to fail” and thus, when they DO fail, despite tax-funded bailouts, dragging all of us down with them.

  3. The S&L was handled in a professional, thought-through manner (Resolution Trust). Now the idjits in DC simply shovel dollars. This has nothing to do with stabilizing banks and everything to do with gaining further control.

    Regarding the collapse of society, to paraphrase the recession/depression deal:
    “When your neighbor has no power, can’t buy food and is assaulted by roving gangs it is ‘Societal Instability’.

    When you can’t turn on the lights, make a sandwich and are ducking bullets of thugs it is ‘TEOTWAWKI'”

  4. Nothing, Obama has done makes sense. His energy policy(or lack of one)had to be one of the most stupid ideas I ever heard of. Then I remembered that the environmentalist have complained that the we were 5% of the population and used 25% of the energy. Now his policies seem a little more clear. By denying any new energy source or taxing the hell out of existing ones, and advancing pie in the sky solutions that obviously will never meet our needs. One can only conclude that society would have to collapse in order to achieve energy parity with the rest of the world. If I am correct, then this thought might explain some of his agenda.

  5. Terry; Just listen to them. Listen to Rev. Wright. Look at their “End Corporate” (end capitalism)bumper stickers, their “Thank You For Not Breeding” bumper stickers (there are far too many people on Earth). I saw one here in Moscow, Idaho that said “Save an Elk – Shoot a Land Developer”. It’s still around here. These people have no problem with such statements at all, and a lot of them are quite proud of it.

    Check this out. It was made during the Clinton Administration, in part directing hatred toward Clinton for being too easy on American business (be sure to look at the high resolution version too – spend some time reading all the little features). Come on– you’ve seen and heard this stuff all your life. Well, Terry, those people are in charge now, as they see it. What– you didn’t think they meant any of that stuff? (I’m talking to America here) You just thought it was the idle talk of youngsters and harmless malcontents? They’ve made their beliefs and their intentions very clear for decades. This is their hour, and they’re not going to waste it.

  6. Lyle, I had hoped to provide clarity to anyone who had not thought some of this through. I am long pass any denial I had. You are right about me not having been around people who hate America. I was too busy making clear-cuts in your back yard to associate with anyone other than like minded individuals. At least until I came home on the weekend and saw my neighbors in action. I thought they just hated me and that I am the racist. And thanks for the link, I will pass it along to a few I know that are up to speed.

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