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Idaho has this reputation for being a bunch of anti-federal government crazies, but I don’t think that’s particularly deserved. I mentioned last February that Montana officials had warned the Supreme Court that Montana joined the Union on the understanding that the Second Amendment protected an individual right, and they might have to rethink that situation if the Court ruled wrongly on D.C. v. Heller (2008). Fortunately, the Court got it right, so there was no need for Montana to seize the Air Force missile silos there, and become the world’s lowest population and density nuclear power.

Anyway, it appears that the Montana legislature is preparing for the Obamination of restrictive federal gun control laws.

Adding to the amusement of this is that those who were upset about the Raich decision (and they were right to be upset, even if it was for a very stupid cause: marijuana) will have to admit that if California has the right to legalize marijuana that doesn’t move across state lines, free of federal intervention, then Montana has a similar right to tell the federal government that guns made in Montana are exempt from federal rules.

Clayton Cramer
February 25, 2009
Those Pesky Montanans
[Although I probably am as amused about this as Clayton people don’t “have to admit” anything. I literally know a person that will insist to your face that “the fence line is over there and has always been over there” even though you could break a leg stepping into the ancient fence post hole in front of you and get tangled in the rusty barbed wire as you fell. This same person also convinced a judge that it was legitimate self-defense after a neighbor caught him sitting on his ex-wife pounding on her face who was flat on her back on the sidewalk (had it been me that caught him the judge would not have been required to make a decision). Some people are just reality impaired and/or have an infinite capacity to lie.–Joe]


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  1. “free from federal intervention”
    That is not accurate. Federal agents will act with LOCAL law enforcment, whenever they get a hair up there, and bust legal marijuana growers who supply Hospitals, and Doctors Offices with thier medical supply.

    Makes you wonder if a state makes it legal for X, will he feds honor it? From the marijuana example; F*%$ no.

  2. I agree with Caleb (feds have too much money and power at stake to just sit by and watch a large pot market leave their jurisdiction without a big fight) but in the Montana legislation there is language specifically directing state and local LE to vigorously defend the Montana citizen against federal meddling.

    Now that would be interesting. I wonder if a Montana LE would come against conspiracy charges for cooperating with feds.

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