And the bigots were made to pay

Via the Apex of the Triangle Of Death we get to read about San Francisco Paying NRA $380,000 for Successful Proposition H Lawsuits.

While it makes me happy the bigots had to pay up for conspiring to deprive people of their rights they should have been arrested, prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to time in jail as well. This sort of nonsense is going to continue until the laws against this sort of outrageous behavior are enforced.

Other bloggers have their view on the issue as well:


4 thoughts on “And the bigots were made to pay

  1. The problem is that when they do wrong, it’s the taxpayer who gets burned. There’s no direct personal accountability. You could say that they might pay at the next election, but in San Fran that’s not very likely.

  2. The way I look at it the people paying the taxes in San Fransico choose to stay there. If they don’t want to pay the price for their bigoted representatives then they can either vote them out of office or move to another city.

  3. I agree with Joe; if the taxpayers don’t like it they should make their representatives accountable at the ballot boxes.

  4. The “people” of San Fran got burned to the tune of over $800k. They wasted an additional $420k of taxpayer money defending their illegal scheme.

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