Reactive target video

I love reactive targets and I use them so much I am a little jaded. But even though these targets aren’t as reactive as the ones I make I still enjoyed the video.

And contrary to some indicators just because there is a woman pulling the trigger some of the time doesn’t mean I’m annoyed with the video. I find this is an appropriate use of women and guns in our fight to keep and bear arms.


3 thoughts on “Reactive target video

  1. How about guns and food (in this case fruit)? I can’t say watching the video gets me hungry. It seems guns and watermelons are together forever though.

    Nice watermelon head figures. As long as we’re anthropomorphizing our targets, maybe you need some Boomerheads at the next event, or at least a target on a tall pole. Be harder to spot that way, and as such a better challenge. Can’t say it hit two inches left. Have to read the trace to say it missed by two to the left.

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