Women and guns

Uncle asks, “But, you know, who can’t watch chicks in bikinis firing belt fed machine guns?”

Well, if you must ask… most women probably find that very offensive.

I find it (yeah, I know, I’m weird) a little annoying. Guns and nearly naked women just don’t go together for me. These women don’t really know what they are doing with the guns. They get so few rounds on target and so many in the dirt that I find it irritating.

I could go for some of the groupies (there are some hints of this phenomena at times) at Boomershoot to show their appreciation after the show but not as a part of it. For some reason the simultaneous combination of sex and guns just leaves me a little bit cold.

That doesn’t mean I don’t realize there is a fairly large segment of the male (and some female) population that finds the combination very stimulating. I just don’t get it on the emotional level and I fear it hurts our cause with the majority of women.


3 thoughts on “Women and guns

  1. The black chick was the one with the closest to what I’ve come to believe is correct posture, at the very least, with automatic weapons. The rest of them were probably told to let the guns jiggle them as much as possible, and listened, even though they were holding some serious firepower. My thoughts watching that, as a naturally buxom female? “OUCH!”

    And as if women aren’t self-conscious enough about their bodies, let’s give men a mental image to think about if they ever see a fully-clothed woman with an automatic weapon.

    “Oh, shit – their boobs were jiggling a lot in that video…shit, shit, shit…I hope no one’s staring at my chest…fuck.” That’ll make short work of any aiming accuracy, as well as any desire to go to the range and improve ability.

  2. It was an effort to watch the thing all the way through. Not something I would, say, save to my computer. No disclipline, no real skills, just jiggle, giggle and butt shots. Eh. A combination of bad shooting and bad soft porn. The most entertainment I got was in thinking up a title for it:

    “Girls Gun Wild”

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