Quote of the day–Alan Gura

Look at their literature. About all they say is ‘guns are bad, they kill children and other living things.’ Look at their website. It clearly posits gun ownership as a social evil. He can say what he wants; I like Dennis, and I’ve never had a negative interaction with anybody with his group, but sorry, that’s a bunch of crap. His dream is dead; the idea of prohibition is dead. They need to tell their constituents to find something else to do with their lives, go be productive members of society, stop attacking our individual rights.

Alan Gura
From Gun Control On Trial, page 114.
[First off I would like to +1 Gura’s experience with the gun grabbers. All of the paid and even volunteer staff of the gun-grabber organizations that I have talked to have been nice people. I believe they were sincere and truly had no wish for anything other than the well-being of innocent people. They may not have been very smart or very well informed but their intentions, however misguided, always seemed to be congruent with mine–the protection of innocent life. They just had a problem with data collection and processing.

But on to my main reason for the quote.

I love the last sentence of Gura’s. Gura was referring to the Brady Campaign (and Dennis Henigan) but it could just as well apply to 98% of our politicians. Especially this year–the year of the coronation of the Light Bringer. It’s going to be rough times ahead for freedom and individual rights. We don’t have enough Alan Gura’s and friendly courts to protect us. If only we could enforce a declaration such as Gura’s.–Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Alan Gura

  1. “All of the paid and even volunteer staff of the gun-grabber organizations that I have talked to have been nice people.”

    Ted Bundy was an extremely charming and attractive young man, by all accounts. The sort of guy you’d want to take home to Mother.

    I’ve spoken with hundreds of leftist loons, and each and every one of them started out with the standard smile and excessively timid personality. It doesn’t take long for the veneer to blow away though, if you really talk with them.

    Hence, I am not impressed by “nice” people. Nice is as nice does, not as nice pretends. Give me a gruff, ornery, contentious son of a bitch who supports rights any day, over a sugar-coated Marxist.

  2. My intent was to say, as a general rule, they are not “Hitlers and Stalins” wanting to take all the guns so they can implement their version of utopia by eliminating all the “troublemakers”. They are naive, ignorant, and irrational. They should be treated as naive, ignorant, and irrational and not as evil incarnate even though through their flaws they enable evil incarnate.

    That says nothing about whether I have any tolerance for their company or whether I want them in positions of power.

  3. Yes. Understood. There are the perpetrators and then there are their duped, and each one I suppose needs the other.

    There is a particular image I was trying to find. It’s from a movie clip taken long ago. I’m sure you’ve seen it. Here’s a still image that’s pretty good, though not nearly as good as the one I wanted (in which a particular [very nice, no doubt] woman was practically orgasming, as though she’d just been touched by Jesus). Perpetrator and the duped.

    Though it is hard to know where the perpetrator begins and ends, and where the duped begin. I think there’s usually a little of both in each, especially in this information age, when remaining ignorant requires more and more effort.

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