Quote of the day–Varifrank

You understand when a politician says that he wants to ‘spread the wealth’ that what he is going to do is confiscate your wealth and give it to other people. You understand that, right? Confiscate…Your…Wealth! Your home, your property, your 401k, your bank accounts, your stocks and bonds, your health accounts – all are in the process of becoming the property of ‘the state’. All of it. Thats what “spread the wealth” actually means, it means CONFISCATE and then “distribute along party lines’. This is no longer about this tax rate or that tax rate or what party has a better plan to grow the economy, its about the Government of the United States – all three branches of it – that is now actively and aggressively pursuing and acting on a plan to confiscate private wealth (your wealth) and punish those who create it (you).

October 24, 2008
[H/T to Kevin. When the politician claims he is only going to take from other people I can see why some people might go for this. But how those people justify themselves is beyond me. That is the sort of thing you would expect from people put on masks and drag people into an alley to “spread the wealth”. It’s the same thing except in the case of the politicians case they have enough people with guns at their disposal they don’t need to wear a mask when they rob you.–Joe]