3 thoughts on “Putting the ugliness behind us

  1. They’ve asked him to leave, there’s no indication he’s gone. He may still be a majority shareholder too, meaning buying Cooper Firearms will still result in large sums of money going to anti-gun politicians.

    I’m not quite ready to lay off yet.

  2. I find it bizarre that an American gun maker/entrepreneur could support a hard-core America-hating, business-hating socialist liar. Is it “white guilt”, self hatred, simple stupidity, or does he just hate McCain for being a leftist Republican? Is he trying to hasten the breakdown of society, or does he think that his larger competition will be the first to go under an executive/legislative anti-gun rights monopoly, leaving him with a larger share of the market for a time? Was he under duress? His family threatened? Bought off? Brain tumor? I suppose we’ll never know.

  3. At one time, most conservatives thought that Hillary’s “machine” would be much harder to beat than Obama’s, and many rooted for Obama (secretly, at least), but Cooper has been contributing since 2004, so you really do have to ask…What WAS he thinking?

    I agree, we’ll never know!!


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