It’s that time of year

I’ve had two requests from people for help celebrating Halloween this year. Son-in-law Caleb and a friend from my work both want to blow up some pumpkins. That is planned for this Saturday.

This morning I got a report from someone else on the same topic:

As the crowd thinned, we started the good stuff. Saturday I had placed a baggie of amn mix in the seed cavity and shot it with the 300 weatherby loaded with 125 grain ballistic tips. I wanted to tell folks that I had acquired some new bullets and demo their performance. The pumpkin absolutely vaporized.

Yeah. That’s what happens alright. I’ll try to have pictures and video next week sometime.

Update: Video from November 2000 is here.


8 thoughts on “It’s that time of year

  1. too bad we couldn’t get ahold of those huge world record pumpkins…
    perhaps one or two seeds will take root..if they survive the blast, that is.

  2. Sadly, shooting pumpkins is nowhere near as exciting (or as explosive) as it initially sounds. Could be that I used baking pumpkins (middling sized) as opposed to jack-o-lantern pumpkins, or decorative ones, but I was a little disappointed.

    ‘Course, I did not really think to put explosives in them beforehand…

  3. Lyle, Meet us Saturday at the Taj about 1:00 PM. We should have the explosives mostly mixed up by then.

    Linoge, A couple pounds of HE makes a noticable difference.

  4. “Sadly, shooting pumpkins is nowhere near as exciting (or as explosive) as it initially sounds. ”

    I don’t know. My six year old carved a pumpkin the traditional way at his mothers house and today we went to the range and “sculpted” one with an SKS. We had a blast and have the corpse to leave on the front porch. Plus he got 2 hits at 100 yards!!!! Not bad for a six year old.

    How far in advance do you take reservations for Boomershoot? We need a couple of years.

  5. Entry to Boomershoot opens up sometime in May or June and fills up in a few days. There are positions that become available as people have problems (financial difficulties mostly).

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