Quote of the day–Barrett Tillman

Tell me why you think a woman should ‘lie back and enjoy being raped’ instead of shooting a rapist dead with the handgun in her handbag.

Tell me why black Americans should submit to being lynched instead of shooting the lynch mob dead.

Tell me why homophobes should be free to beat up homosexuals without the risk of being shot.

Watch Schindler’s List and tell me again why only the police and military should have guns.

Tell me why you think police should be able to shoot an attacker to save their lives but I shouldn’t.

Tell me why I shouldn’t have the best means of defending myself — a semiauto firearm with a standard capacity magazine.

Tell me why a woman’s right to choose should not include weapon, mag size and ammunition.

Tell me why you think I shouldn’t be able to defend my life or my freedom.

More than that, tell me why you should not have that right!

Barrett Tillman
Via Alan Korwin October 25, 2008 — Liberty Poll Grows


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