I know that guy!

Ry points out a great article on the evolution of sniping gear and deployment in the last few years.

The article was written by Michael Haugen who attended two Boomershoots. Michael also wrote three articles which are posted on the Boomershoot website:

If you have ever heard me tell the story about shooting on the 1000 yard range at Fort Lewis–Michael was the guy next to me with Eugene Econ spotting for both Michael and me.

Michael was the guy that referred to watching me build reactive targets on the tailgate of my pickup as “Bomb Building 101“.

I’m glad to hear he is still in the sniping business and apparently is well. I was impressed with his brains, seriousness, and dedication to our country and constitution.

And, as Ry said, I’m happy he calls out American Snipers as Good Thing. I donate money to them which Microsoft matches dollar for dollar.