Quote of the day–Ly Chho

I am a new NRA member. I have been a citizen for only fourteen years. I believe in the Constitution and the Second Amendment, and when I see Obama, I see Communism, and I am afraid. I believe he is going to win the election. Do you have any plans in place if this happens?

Ly Chho
October 9, 2008
A question for NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre.
Via Kevin Baker.
[Kevin reports Mrs. Ly Chho, was born of Chinese parents in Cambodia, raised and schooled in Taiwan, and hence “she should know”.–Joe]


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  1. Mrs. Chho is the perfect example of a person with common sense. A liberal will excuse the horrors of Pol Pot’s Cambodia. I saw the huge piles of butchered human remains in Cambodia during the Pol Pot reign of terror.

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