Quote of the day–Wayne LaPierre

I believe, and the N.R.A. believes, that in all human society there is a right for good people to defend themselves from bad people, and a firearm is an essential tool of self-defense.

Wayne LaPierre
July 19, 2008
U.S. Position Complicates Global Effort to Curb Illicit Arms
[Ultimately we need to start pushing on the rampant human rights violations in other countries. I’m just not sure where and how to start. I’m thinking Canada because the gun culture is still alive and trying to fight back. But how? Smuggling guns into the country probably isn’t going to get guns into the proper hands and is subject to demonization if even one gun in a 1000 is used in a crime. An “underground railroad” for escaped political prisoners and then refuse to extradite them? Trade restrictions if they don’t ease up on the repressive laws? Boycotting of Canadian firms like the boycotts of South Africa because of apartheid?–Joe]