Transcendent sex?

Reader Rob sent me this link: FOXSexpert: Reach for the Pinnacle With Transcendent Sex.

I’m skeptical. Here is what this self proclaimed expert has to say on the topic:

Some people actually supersede the state of climax and reach a state of transcendent sex. Such lovemaking is said to involve a divine force, and is regarded as a path to a higher consciousness. It has been known to change one’s views on sex and spirituality. Yet this mystical, spiritual sexual experience is one of the best kept sex secrets around.

The closest I’ve ever come to such a spontaneous, divine experience involved my life-force energy shooting up from the base of my spine during an orgasm. It happened when I was with my ex-lover and I found myself blissfully lost in a purplish-turned-white light that went beyond my body.

People who have been swept into transcendent ecstasy, according to developmental psychologist Dr. Jenny Wade, have reported:

— Seeing visions;
— Feeling heat, light and energy waves throughout the body;
— Reliving past lives;
— Seeing the face of God;
— Paranormal powers;
— Being visited by gods;
— Feeling possessed by spirits;
— Working with natural forces;
— Nothingness, whiteness, pure bliss;
— One with everything – there is no “me” or time;
— A lack of sensory channels;
— Time travel;
— Enlightenment.

It sounds more like someone blew a few circuit breakers in the electrical system of their brain rather than they found violations of several physical laws.


5 thoughts on “Transcendent sex?

  1. Visions? Heat and light? Past lives? Gods, spirits, natural forces? OK, maybe I’m really in left field here, but is anyone else thinking auto-erotic asphyxiation?

  2. Not necessarily auto-erotic. But something similar. And it could be blood pressure changes that cause pinched nerves or oxygen deprivations in small areas of the brain.

    Any number of thing really. Just nothing that violates the laws of physics as we know them.

  3. Sounds similar to the effects of lysergic acid diethylamide poisoning. Or an Obama rally.

    I had a very similar experience back in the ’60s during a hippie/socialist “Jesus Freak” rally at a commune in Oregon (I’m not kidding) but we all had our clothes on and we weren’t touching. It wasn’t drugs either, just several hours of Jesus talk, music and the like, among a group of very impressionable young people. The “effect” happened to everyone at the same time– about a hundred people IIRC. Very interesting. Some people laughed out loud, some shouted, some cried– it was uncontainable. They had a different name for it. They called it “being visited by the spirit” but I would say that “transcendent ecstasy” is an appropriate term. The speakers were very familiar with it, and they told us it would happen.

    I could go on about the possible roots of this phenomenon and the implications regarding the survival of tribes, or how perhaps we can observe it in other species, but I won’t.

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