Quote of the day–Glenn Beck

Before I pay over $10 for a gallon of gas I will drill through a polar bears head. — I would feel bad. But I would do it.

Glenn Beck
NRA Annual Convention
Keynote speech
May 17, 2008
[He also pointed out that polar bears have been dramatically increasing in numbers recently. I think he should have said “hugger” instead of “head”, but that’s just me.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Glenn Beck

  1. A short while back, during an interview with Ben Stein, Beck said he’d drill through the heads of reindeer– Santa’s reindeer.

    Seems to me, the bears or reindeer would just stay out of the way. That is, unless they were socialists, in which case they’d lie down in front of the drilling rigs. Not because they’d see drilling as a threat to their habitat, but because they’d hate capitalism or anything else that benefits Mankind.

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