Todd Jarrett, guns and explosives

Last Friday night Michael Baine hosted a social event for us bloggers. Todd Jarrett reported that 10 bloggers would get training from him at Blackwater and then take home a Paraordinance gun at the end of the training. Bitter has some details.

I spent probably 15 minutes talking with Jarrett and he got really interested in Boomershoot and told me he wanted to blow up a car. He wants to be able to shoot bullets into it and have it lift about four feet off the ground. I gave him my card and told him I thought I could do that. He seemed interested in exploring that further. Cool!


3 thoughts on “Todd Jarrett, guns and explosives

  1. That I’d like to see!

    I’m guessing you can’t do it at Boomershoot ’09 – at least not without paying for a lot of windows and other damage.

    Any other time I’d need a month’s notice to get time off work etc., but if at all possible I’d be there.

  2. Jarrett wasn’t talking about doing it at Boomershoot XXXX. The details are undetermined at this point. Perhaps sometime in the next few months. Perhaps at some facility like Blackwater.

    His interest was the I had the expertise in explosives and the bullet sensitive materials.

  3. Oh sure. First it’s little green army men, a can of kerosene and a pack of matches.
    Then it’s fireworks.
    Then homemade fireworks and firecrackers.
    Now cars?

    Where will it all end? Oh the humanity! 😉

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