Pictures for Tamara’s groupies

Several of the bloggers, myself included, in attendance at the NRA Convention were looking forward to meeting the Empress of Snarktm. She and Roberta flew in on their broomstick Saturday and left again before most of us got a chance to meet them. Tamera was persuaded to visit again on Sunday and some waited in the pressroom for quite some time. When she finally arrived we went in search of food:

Left to right are Bill, Mike W., Denise, Tamara, and Rick.

Tamara checking out her taco cone.

I’m almost always surprised when I meet someone in person who I had some non face-to-face contact. I expected Tamara to have a big smile on her face almost all the time as she laughed at the world around her and she would let rip with one snarky comment after another. Instead she was reserved and seemed to be pushing herself to overcome shyness. But maybe that was just her restraining herself from decking one or more of her groupies.

Regardless she was very tolerant of all the attention people gave her and to the best of my knowledge she didn’t have to even brandish her knife.

Update: In response to a comment from Chuck–She has eyebrows. It’s just that her light red hair is difficult to distingush from her pink skin.



4 thoughts on “Pictures for Tamara’s groupies

  1. Light red hair, freckles, a look of distain and guns. Even my wife thinks that’s hot.

    Opps no she doesn’t. Now I have a bruise on my arm.

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