Quote of the day–New York State Assembly

The 50-caliber weapon is one of the most dangerous weapons in the U.S. military’s arsenal.

New York State Assembly
[As they have defined 50-caliber weapons this wasn’t true even 200 years ago, long before AC-130s, B-52s, cruise missiles, ICBMs, and tactical nukes. I can’t imagine what alternate reality these people live in. I can only conclude they have mental problems. How did these mental cases get elected to office? Are the majority of people in New York State suffering from some sort of mass delusion?–Joe]


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  1. During the revolution “THE PEOPLE” had some really serious shit 54 and 70 cal.

  2. “Are the majority of people in New York State suffering from some sort of mass delusion?”

    Yes, which is why we have a Bill of Rights– specifically to protect us from such mass delusion. Our problem is that so far no one is suffering any legal repercussions from their repeated and willful violations of the Second Amendment. Until that begins to happen, this insanity, this mental disease, will continue to spread.

    A rifle that functions properly and reliably cannot be defined as “dangerous”. One that malfunctions and endangers the operator is dangerous.

    “The” 50 caliber weapon? Which one? There are several, and as far as I know they all function wonderfully.

    Here is a video showing the New Yorker’s perception of the dreaded “50 caliber terror” weapon. Heh.

    Since the State Assembly is going after specific guns as “dangerous” (including the largest, the smallest, the cheapest, the most accurate, the least accurate, the loudest, the quietest, etc.) it would be a fair and obvious question to ask; which specific guns do they in their vast and superior wisdom consider to be just right? In short; when and where, exactly, will they stop trying to ban guns? We all know the answer of course. In their minds there are no acceptable guns. The question they’re asking is quite different: “How do we ban guns?” Answer: “One at a time.” The one they’re focusing on at any given moment is always the most “dangerous”.

  3. “During the revolution “THE PEOPLE” had some really serious shit 54 and 70 cal.”

    They also had towed artillery, capable of mowing down a whole line of troops with one load of grapeshot. 72 caliber was common in hand-carried long-guns of the late 1700s, including some rifles, IIRC. Breechloaders were just coming on the scene, as were some experimental multi-shot rifles. Those who drafted and ratified the Bill of Rights knew all this perfectly well, of course.

  4. While the mentally challenged in New York probably MEANT that the 50 caliber M2 machine gun and M107 Barrett are the deadliest of the “small arms” family, they are wrong.

    To date the most effective weapon in terms of bad guys killed still remains our medium machine guns, the 240B and 240G. This is mainly because of our doctrine of fire and maneuver and how we employ weapon systems.

    But you give me a group of volunteers with muzzle loaders and we can kill bad guys too.

    It isn’t “dangerous weapons” it is “highly effective application” of those weapons.


  5. They call it an “anti-personal” rifle. That’s a fun little misspelling.

    I suppose “anti-matériel” doesn’t sound scary enough.

  6. They got it wrong, but not for any of the reasons mentioned already…

    *I* am the most dangerous weapon in the U.S. Military’s Arsenal.

    I am educated, I have read and understand the constitution of the United States; I understand the finer points of total, modern warfare, I have been tried and tested and been astoundingly successful in combat, and am well versed in COIN doctrine. Most importantly, and the thing that makes me (and roughly one million of my fellow service members) most dangerous, is that i vote, and I volunteered.


  7. Chuck, that is another way of saying that it’s the person, not the tool. If there is crime then it’s a matter of people control not control of tools.

    Thank you for your service.

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